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(C)2018 Taveau D’Arcy Creative Leadership All copyrights reserved
“To know the love of Christ…which passes knowledge” Apostle Paul Ephesians 3:19
DFW LOF, TCL CREED:“We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t take our religion too seriously. We take the LORD seriously.”
Revelation 3 The Letter to the Brotherly Real Love “Fully Respecting” (Relationship Ready) Bride of Christ: “the only Church whose doors will never be shut”
“GENUINE SERVANT APOSTOLIC MINISTER REAL RESPECT each and ever ONE...yet with ongoing perceptive ASSESSING, devoid of (religious overseer Pharisee) ACCUSATION..PSALM 118:8,9 Full Awareness ” READ APOSTOLIC PSALM 118:
  • PURE ACCEPTING RELATIONSHIP RESPECTING, GUARDING, GOVERNING AUTHORITY BASIS: Holy Spirit “one person’s self control is the PRIMARY ROOT of Personal Self Government First Level of all true Spiritual, Moral, Power true authority
  • THE ONGOING OVERCOMING LOVE WALK…THE MINISTRY TRUE BRIDE OF CHRIST REVELATION 3 PHILADELPHIAN BROTHERLY REAL LOVE LITMUS TEST; Spiritual Enduring Abiding in JAMES 3:17 Relationship Precedes Doing Good Ministry Works, Maintaining Ministry Theological Doctrines Perceived “as The Only Truth”( God’s Whole Counsel, Leader Common Doctrine Ephesians 4**)


  • PURE MINISTRY (assessed as RELATIONSHIP PRESERVING, also MATURE) SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY is to always be MYOB and everyone chooses their very own views regarding to abide back UNDER the Old Testament Levitical Law or to ONLY abide in ministry Galatians 1:1-2 personal Sent Messenger, non religious freedom.
ASSESS RATHER THAN ACCUSER PHARISEE SIN SPY: WATCH FOR ALL SIGNS OF RELATIONSHIP (JAMES 3:17) FRUIT…… FIRST: Check out enduring (over time) abiding JAMES 3:17 for all RELATIONSHIP MINISTRY ongoing TRUE FRUIT; “The( any) wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, peaceable, easily entreated, full of mercy, and good fruits, (Galatians 5:22-23) without partiality and without hypocrisy.”
NOTE: Taveau ministry wide has a life long history of advocating PRO honor and respect for EACH OF Father Abrahams natural, spiritual descendants. When we each maintain JAMES 3:17 “easily entreated” we can show respect for the HUMAN OFFICE made in God’s Own Image Psalm 139, no matter what every one’s own Book of Theology. (this goes to gender preferences in these controversial big Choice Days)…HUMAN Being FIRST, “Personal Beliefs” SECOND..(maintain accuser free safe SOCIETY and bear good witness to the RISING GENERATION)
CHRISTIAN MINISTRY SERVANT APOSTLE BIBLE THEOLOGY PRIORITY…. ALL TEN BIBLE RELATIONSHIPS (See top of this home page TEN BIBLE RELATIONSHIPS) …with the ministry in House Views …. Not Back UNDER Old Testament Levitical Law , yet, also without Greasy Grace Licentiousness (THE WHY? As both fall short of REAL FIRST CHURCH UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT and REAL LOVE..and can equally attack, affect and in effect damage undermine, wound, harm a RELATIONSHIPS”
REAL RESPECT FOR ONE AND ALL: We need to discern human persons by perceiving each one a “A Possible RELATIONSHIP” (no matter what Outer Court Earthsuit or Belief System, Gender, Age, Political Persuasion, Attending a “local fellowship” or no.
Realis Respectur et Unum Omnes
כבוד אמיתי עבור כל אחד
Verdadero respeto por todos y cada uno
Réel respect pour tous et chacun
Реальный Уважение друг для друга и
الاحترام الحقيقي للفرد وللجميع
एक और सभी के लिए रियल सम्मान
Echter Respekt für Eins und Alle
DFW LEADER FELLOWSHIP, ALL TAVEAU CREATIVE LEADERSHIP is a continual IN the LIFE PROCESS, revealed, Holy Spirit downloaded, in the prophetic ministry, Holy Spirit Enoch 24/7/365 /Ezekiel’s Chapter 1 Wheel Vision “submitted Selah” Divine Appointment apostolic in ministry. It is apostolic sent messenger to Cross Body of Christ, and a bridge builder throughout the many Holy Spirit kinds and ministry styles, but a bridge of REAL LOVE AND to SHOW (TRAIN ON) RESPECT to all kinds of human persons of any, all races, faiths and global nations.

NOTE: While IFFM is on the domain. rather than redo a giant website, we use the SAME BELIEFS but changed the name…SEE IFFM VS TCL ..DFW Leader Ministry Fellowship following explanation:
Beliefs Sites:
  • In 2016, at the direction of the Lord, apostle TAVEAU put that aside as a deep Grass Roots apostolic prophetic sign, and began the NEW DFW Leader Ministry Fellowship 5013 and prophetic business Taveau Creative Leadership, with Taveau Creative Ministries UNDER the DFW LOF 501c3 and her creative wisdom apostolic ministry/business consulting SELF HELP TRAINER /MUSIC TUTOR, TEAMMATE UNIVERSITY, a variety of ministry aposotlic blogs all UNDER the apostolic prophetic business (hence) TCL.
  • AND AS WE (EVERY READER, submitted EVERY PERSON) ONLY GOES AROUND ONCE..let us each maintain an Eternal God Pleasing Relationship non religious View..and combine forces for EPHESIANS 4 “Holy Spirit transformational local honorable, Christ following family, community, perceived as authentic genuine “First Church Organic” viable pure leader/lay abounding fruit.

UPCOMING: Encourage Television overview..with ONE STAR TV PRODUCTION “One Star, where JESUS is the ONLY Star” (international/multicultural, ministry diverse servant leaders… on BOTH sides of the TV Camera)

TO SOW INTO WHAT WE PERCEIVE as coming DFW Land and International advancement:

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CLOSING NOTE: Chief apostolic overseer MINISTRY is “SENT MESSENGER” according to First Church (non Levitical) New Testament. So TO WHOM is DFW Leader Ministry Fellowship and Taveau Creative Leadership being SENT TO:

  • Taveau asked the Lord , many years ago” Lord, if Apostle Paul was “SENT” to the Gentiles and Apostle Peter was “SENT” to the Jews…then WHO are You “SENDING THIS MINISTER TO?”…and the Lord replied, ” I am SENDING YOU to the “Slacks Wearers” ( A-men…and A-women!)
(C)2016 DFW Leader Ministry Fellowship All copyrights reserved /Taveau Creative Leadership Ministries All copyrights reserved

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