2012 LEADER ARCHIVES: Ezekiel’s Wheel and God’s Seven Spirits


Nov. 26, 2012


 (C) 2012 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved under international law

Aside: Beginning in 1976, the Lord instructed this writer to simply study the different doctrines, worship styles of  His many born again, Bible believing, various   types of pastors, groups, ministries, churches, denominations and movements: all for the purposes of “one day being able to build bridges of commonality. He told her to simply pray and obey whatever He told her to do, simply as one of His servants, and it was only in recent years when He started using some of the things He had showed her. AND the writer had no Scriptural basis for being Spirit led, by God’s inward witness, until God reminded her of the principal of Ezekiel’s Wheel Vision in chapter 1: the heavenly gyroscope moved, changed on a dime, at the leading of the  Lord.’ Up until that time (about 2003) He had simply revealed, “The calling of  the servant of God  is simply to model, “I’m available.”)

LINK TO EZEKIEL CHAPTER 1: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ezekiel%201&version=NKJV

During the last few months, the Lord keeps impressing upon me certain Scriptures for servant pioneering senior leaders: Isaiah 56:7 and Amos 3:7.

The reason for all of this is preparation for what God is about to do. It is during the quiet times we are able to prepare to receive what God truly wants. He also realizes that when revival bursts forth full steam, that good training, habits and knowing our own human, ministry limits will assist and even preserve us. (hence Isaiah 56).

Due to the real need to revive what is organic, simple and True about following the real Christ, what was meant in the New Testament pioneering church as “being called into 5 fold ministry” must at once be re-evalutated, based not on what is now the popular modern “business norm” but rather on what was depicted in the New Testament more informal model.

IFFM submits it’s own particular convictions based upon 50 years as an on fire servant of the most high God and His only Son Jesus, 35  years in regional leadership networking, ongoing intercession and divinely orchestrated cross pollination (aka Christian Body Surfing), and then repeatedly encountering new additions to specific doctrines in the grass roots levels.

And one cannot help but notice  how the mixture of modern secular, fan /entertainment /show biz worship culture in church growing  and the widespread use of  Christian media, television and the proliferation of the many modern apostolic media. (teaching tapes, CDs, conferences and now infiltration by the media, You Tube) which can help train, teach and build real faith on one hand, but, may tend to raise up a generation of  Followers of  Jesus, who are more Facebook Fans and fans of famous Celebrity Ministers,rather than mature, deep , overcoming, long enduring true disciples.

This last statement is  demonstrated by the rampant lack of the  awesome “holy fear of the Lord” in too many local churches as well as a increasingly less than deep,even Selfish, surface basic view of ministry.  (Boanerge famous TV/mega senior pastor wannabe’s who will do anything practically to “get their own ministry raised to the next level.” Submitted Selah. (and only if any shoe fits, then should the reader wear it.)

 Secondly,as one regards the typical “born again” local Church, where is the overall  resemblance to the 7 Spirits of God in Isaiah 11:2,

“And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;”

Shudder to think what the Lord might say if He surveyed the modern Lampstands like His Holy Spirit did in Revelation 2 and 3.

The writer wonders WHOM Jesus would say most closely resembles His Organic New Testament apostolic tribe? And WHO would HE name as a “organic Christ Follower” after winnowing out all the chaff and the wheat.

The writer is concerned that Jesus might not even regard HER as Organic. So she submits all of this out of her own fear of the Lord….and to perhaps provoke thoughts of at least a few.

Conclusion: We need to reinvestigate the original New Testament Bride of Christ, compare it with recent history as well as with modern day interpretations.WHAT and WHO would the “organic Jesus” say best represents HIM to 1. the world 2. to the young 3. to those who need to get a glimpse of Him in order to take Christianity to new yet unborn generations.

Cluttered, tainted MIXTURE will not suffice.

UPCOMING Blogs ” About the Anointing” and finishing the Word : ” Part 2 of The USA Government Elections (one or both)

 (C) 2012 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved under international law


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