Hi, We’re READY to post a NEW article regarding discerning a TRUE and FALSE chief apostle, senior pioneering  5 fold office LAMPSTAND LEADER…but first allow us to re-announce a couple of apostolic type THINGS.


Where one size does NOT fit all”

AND over on the same www.dfwleaderfellowship.org ministry site

Please locate the BIBLE STUDY link and read the PREFACE for the IFFM PSALM 118 Ministry Leader Doctrines for a NEW Ongoing DAY on there…
(and to book mark it more directly…AND/OR to follow it by having it delivered to you via email…you may sign up there: www.organicleadership.wordpress.com
YOU may check out www.dfwlof.net which posts all of the most recent APOSTOLIC MALL BLOG ARTICLES…And this easy to recall website is also up on the IFFM APOSTOLIC MALL home page, as the FIRST link.

NEVER LEAST, but LAST: www.OrganicLeader.org soon plans to begin a line upon line of what we believe God is impression upon all of US to RESEMBLE and BECOME in HIS POWER,HIS ONGOING STRENGTH, HIS  REVEALED CHIEF APOSTOLIC LEADER WISDOM as we First Love always ABIDE in the Apostolic VINE (aka near His ever loving HEART) in the PSALM 91 SECRET PLACE …

Many blessings!


I PROMISE: Next posting will be based on the apostolic book of  2 Corinthians

(C) 2014 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved


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