THIS ARTICLE IS A POSTING FROM A PRIOR TIME. Yet the topic stays current.  AND there is still big need to DE-FRAG APOSTOLIC MODERN LEADER DOCTRINE to ensure accurate, clear, true DISCERNMENT


IFFM Definitions:

 Wise Patriarch: Patient, wise overseer of the entire family, ministry big  clan. Stable, emotionally sound, extremely wise, secure ; May come in any race, style, appearance, demeanor, various dispositions, all of which are God approved, blessed and accepted, and, not to fail to mention, verified on the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

IFFM Definition of Patrician: Read entire Wikipedia  history:Patrician (ancient Rome), the original aristocratic families of Ancient Rome, and a synonym for “aristocratic” in modern English usage; Popularized use of term Plebians and artistocratic, hierarchal division.

IFFM  Definition of Levitical Patriarch: Good Patriarch Gone Wild; Combines organic Levi of Genesis,(will repost IFFM Bible Study on Roots of Levi: Mysogynist, Bitter, Levitical Patriarchism)  with Roman dominating legalism

THE ATMOSPHERE AT THE TIME OF THE COMING OF THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST: Set in the midst of the Middle Easter Israeli culture, around the time of the birth of Christ, was what is presently again resurfacing  in these modern last days: The Roman Empire.

  During Jesus time on earth, was a big SYSTEM CROSS MIXTURE of formal  Roman government law, Hebrew Temple Levitical laws, religious customs. Yet added to this was a just beginning to emerge, basically non descript, difficult to describe:  Organic Christ Following swarm, tribal, ever moving from each house to local house: New Testament Church.

Each of the two main religious rules based BIG legalistic systems, demanded conformity to in house required rules, formal hierarchy, and each one was male led, had serious normal procedures and protocol and tribunals with trials and penalties. And everyone who was not a top high priest or a part of the male Roman leadership, was a second or third class citizen, as no free spirit or democracy was ever tolerated.

Within the Hebrew Culture, the synagogue and the home had many specific “thou shalt do’s and thou shalt do nots.” And so it was very similar to the secular Roman government. BOTH were iron clad and set in governmental ,traditional steel

Within this secular mixture of the Roman, Jew, Gentile, Greek, Barbarian, roving demoniac, and an many international travelers, merchants, God uniquely chose to place His new baby, the Christ Jesus, right smack dab down in the center. And what eventually began to form, gain structure and later emerging hierarchy, mixture…was an emerging future Organic True Bride of Christ.


Very interestingly enough, as Roman rule all stemmed from the continent of Europe, (Rome is in Italy) when we take a view backward in our history but then stop to survey what is now once again beginning to reform: The Rise of the New Roman Government: , from which the End Times Roman Empire will resurface, allowing the Antichrist to come forth.

The intermixing of the occupying Roman government way back in Jesus time, did have its  origins in the Western European as previously noted. And the first US British colonists, all from  Western Europe, shaped the United States church, government and legal system, some of whom brought the flavor and traditions of hierarchy, aristocracy and a formal yet breathing, living Bible believing tradition.

Up in New England, Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts and down in Virginia, historical Jamestown, and later on along the east coast, such as the writers own ancestors, the French Huguenots, all come for freedom, adventure and to flee from oppressive religion, strict persecution with an expansive vision of freedom from all forms of tyranny.

And although many of them were not used to being around persons who were totally unlike themselves, so by huge mistake, many might have the regarded natives of the new Land as the enemy,(and of course, vice verse)..however, on occasion, here and there God showed Himself by having divine relationships between light skinned new settler and native Americans, example of Captain John Smith colonist to Jamestown who wed Native American Pocohontas.
ANOTHER ASIDE: And no matter what ancestry, race,creed, skin color or socio economic level is 100 percent perfect. And that is another reason why Christ shed His blood, “To tear down the dividing wall of partitian between Jew and Gentile, and in this writers views, “ethnos against ethnos.” (ethnicity vs ethnicity) (Chapter 2 Ephesians).The partition was of bitter division which enabled the Accuser of each race, creed, and God called divine relationship. And when persons of all ethic groups make Jesus their Lord, all disharmony, bitter unforgiveness flees. Yet, this will only truly happen IF and WHEN the Father’s heart is yielded to completely in accordance to the Bible.

ALSO We should note that not ALL American colonists brought with them their ancestry of  Western European historical aristocracy, with   the founding titled heads of Europe; Among them were the indebited poor and non wealthy who viewed coming to America as a way to get free land.

Now, back on main purpose:

Back around Jesus Day, also around the same time as the Caesars, heads of the Roman legal government, as mentioned already, it was a very multicultural, pluralistic mixture of all forms of rules, religion and human flesh.

There was rampant idolatry (Temple of Diana megacult of 50,000 in Ephesus) as well as fortune tellers, idol makers, all, interspersed with Greek wisdom, secular and human surely well intended thinking.

During that period of time the  Western European titled heads of monarchy had yet to rise, but the big seeds for grand aristocracy had been already planted in the rise of Roman aristocratic favored persons elite hierarchy.
While all this occultish, fleshly mixture might created a false religion by combining all into one, under the iron clad Roman plan to completely dominate, amazingly, the Father’s One Deposit, Jesus, His only Son, kerplunk: right down  in the center of this, intrinsically piercing Time and Space to penetrate such vast deep darkness with one tiny shred of Eternal glory and Light.

 It was later, as the organic pure motived organism, the (at that specific time) a counterculture, surely difficult to figure out by popular Greek logical, Levitical system thinking, was slowly beginning to reproduce, to multiply and then spread.


And as the new organic fellowship began to spread, eventually far and wide, it started to have an affect on the secular population. Later,Christ’s organic church began to make changes in the leaders. And eventually rulers like Cyrus made it preferred religion.

The pure life transforming society affecting savor of the power of the Lord Almighty then began to affect arts, religious music, and even big governments. When God the revealer of many secrets was able to breathe His creative unseen wisdom  on architects, lawyers, government planners, and fine artists, worshippers and more.

 And where ever Christianity was accepted widespread in the population, it started new upwardly mobile progress. So as western Europe started to accept Christianity rather than previous paganism,thereafter began a new Renaissance in arts, education, wise government and the legal system;

And also Holy Spirit renewed Bible thinking began to anoint the builders, educators, governors Greek /western traditional refined minds, thus many new seminaries, universities(one such in Americas was the original first Harvard University.) Yet without top government leaders yielding 100 percent to the Lord, each government still kept the Greek, traditional, mostly liturgical religious form, and from that at leas the British, historically regarded as “Christian” monarchy system begun.

And from all the above (focusing primarily using historical Western European produced culture) came great art, architecture, including city planning, and a lot more…all created what we know have mixed in throughout the at present far more multicultural, increasingly pluralistic culture.

YESTERDAY AND STILL TODAY: In the US, around many cities in even many countries, the widespread Western European mostly Caucasian mostly educated formal named “Christian” culture, is in great part responsible for institutional main structure, including nearly all the laws, forms of government, even early colonial pioneering spiritual church governing, all came from Western European thought.

It needed all of the above to survive and maintain common, strict public order.

THUS, if anyone has an critical accusations against people descending from Caucasian Western European, (as the writer now names her own descendent culture: Western European American), one must inquire of the Lord if there is any racial bigotry, heart bitterness, any unforgiveness, since GOD has given His grace to MANY diverse cultures, with all skin colors, so that when, for instance, a US citizen chooses to refer to his/her homeland of Africa, due to great pride in their cultural ancestory, so it ought to be allowed for EACH and EVERY American.

PLEASE NOTE: Thus Dr. Taveau D’Arcy now now longer prefers to be referred to as “white” Caucasian,  but would officially request being called a“a Western European American.” (as she has joined the official diversity band wagon, as God has told her due to prophetic wisdom)


And due to religious big oppression, the pioneering leaders, the founding American organic fore fathers transported their legal system, common book of liturgical prayer book, church and government common grass roots order. And until the most recent times, it has caused the United States to have a nearly invincible respected governmental place around the world.

Of course, when they introduced dark oppressive painful  United States slavery, the newly relocated slaves, though purchased, repeatedly dehumanized and repeatedly bought and sold, with the Africans, came an entirely more matriarchal, tribal, even much more perceiver, basically intuitive, based on the need to be hunters, gatherers : in order to survive as well as live and thrive.

Although this much more leader women respecting, deeply perceptive, more comfortable with tribal, much less emphasis on hierarchies, structures (well at least in compared to the Western Europeans at that time, and before the newly imported African slaves had their basically free spirited, yet ordered into tribes, kings,etc, mixed in with Western European emphasis on law, order, submitting to big corporate   structure).

And as a young African American deep south minister, Chatequa Pinkston, once commented, “It is well known within the US African American basic culture that there’s what we (meaning the black culture) calls White World and Black World: and it is very commonly known that White World makes all the rules.

Minister Pinkston was NO racist.She was one of the leaders of a small Tampa area church. The skilled minister observations had been widely known all around  her area, deeply inside the African American deep south area common culture.

 Thus when I asked the young minister (feeling very uneasy and not really knowing what she truly meant by White World and Black World) I paid great attention.She explained it based similar to what the writer has written in the all the above paragraphs.

The United States order of government, rules, city area planning, zoning,nearly all stemmed from the mainly Caucasian, descended from Western European Patrichian male leader big subpeople groups. That is why America has the look it has today.

(Now in History, Washington DC I believe was architecturally laid out by Benjamin Banneker who was of African Descent and one of the few free Africans way back during that time period (around George Washington’s time).

Thus this writer submits that with the United States and Western Europe, now being racially, societally, MUCH more diverse, as in extremely multicultural; that in order for what will  predicted by 2020 to put Caucasian white Western European leadership in the population minority, we all need to re examine the Game Plan, even in the Church, to see what will make the more tribal backgrounds, swarm subpeople groups, many who have been culturally demeaned,and now are finding it very hard to relate to ONE WAY or the HIGH WAY (in this writer’s trying to be objective) opinion, Patriarchal, major hierarchal mostly, even in too many settings immature Levitical Patriarchal token minority, including leader women, in house SET authority.



PERCEIVER PEOPLE GROUPS have developed their skills due to former need to survive, be it hunting in the jungle historically, OR learning to have to fly beneath the radar of social,former slave, persecution, emotional abuse or extreme danger/home, societal violence. So that is one giant real reason to rethink Stereotypes, arrogant , offensive legalism.

BIG REMINDER: to those who view all races other than your own as second class, your peons,your (church?) slaves, servants: BE MATURE AND WISE: as one day they will be the main majority with the future US political system being governed by many if not all of them. Hispanic, African American, Asian, diverse.

And mix the human You Tube Explosion affect on what moderns youth are exposed to every day and night, you will find most of them very accepting, very non judgemental, most not big time accusing sin conscious but also many more prefer swarm, dress casual, not into pretentiousness, because they are not into religion…

BUT they are seeking and hungry and SPIRITUAL. leader wisdom to have at least SOME FORESIGHT.

Although the writer is definitely not a famous writer and not any type of expert, she believes that the LORD has called her discern this during the course of the last 35 years in open regional cross cultural, cross pollinating,speaking, traveling ministry.

Thus, this article is submitted open ended, yet hopefully  wise Selah: we each must at least choose to be WISE and have some FORESIGHT.



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