LET US SEPARATE OURSELF FROM THE LEADER HERD: “I refuse to watch from afar and ACCUSE without taking time to respect that other,  by inquiring one to one, in person.”

(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

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LEADER note: In all of my multi decades of senior pioneering ministry, it was not until the last 5-7 years. after my move,  did I OFTEN, REPEATEDLY encounter what I now  nonaccusatively name the ELI HIGH PRIESTHOOD aka the ducking and avoiding, accuser blame shifting over busy, REVELATION 2:1-7 CHURCH EPHESIANS LAMPSTAND REVISITED.

HENCE many of these comments were birthed from the  SIMILAR REPEATED senior 5 fold leader office disconcerting direct interactions,at different levels and sizes of Lampstand office ministry.

LET US ALL REPENT AND INTERCEDE for the mercy and grace of the LORD to REVISIT and BEGIN TO REPOPULATE what is now named the 5 Fold office  Lampstand senior ministry. Dr. T. D’Arcy



(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

Unless pure Leadership puts an end to JUDGING and ACCUSING, and chooses to resemble TRUE prophets and chief apostles, it will continue to make DISCERNING True From False that much harder, (as  is just NOW  being born evidence to by the condition of the Church Community, the Family and the World.)

Accusation always tries “divide which God has joined together.” Either there is ONE Corporate diverse world wide submitted true Body or not.



In too many PC (Popular Culture) of the  modern day Face Book Fans basic style of  worship ministry /over busy/ big business culture, a  normal person who is abused, betrayed, or grieving is an inconvenience. They will block the leaders making progress or hinder them by making them late to their next appointment. OR they may use up the valuable emotional energy of the already greatly in demand senior pioneering leader.
         Akin to the High Priest Eli in I Samuel 1, these senior apostles have grown enlarged, and often have grown  dull in clear discernment and imperceptive. Many are too over complacent, a bit weary and many prone to rely on proven stereotypes, ministry leader often used formulas. MANY OTHERS are a bit arrogant, as they know believe that they have “ARRIVED”. Also, after being much experienced, by now they are supremely skillful in DUCKING and AVOIDING interacting with any other who would stand in their own Way. THESE are the Leader Lampstands of what we now name as The Church of Ephesus Lampstand in Revelation 2;1-7 REPRISED.
        And many of THESE understand how to comfort themselves by accuser blame shifting back onto the bereaved person  by labeling them  “needing to repent from a bitter root (meaning unforgiveness) and/or from having Big Baggage” ….as this helps to soothe their own consciences…as they hasten to their next leader or apostolic  engagement.    Often INTERACTING, RELATING with others, who may have been physically mistreated, or experiencing a persona LOSS will make wear and tear on THEM…so to minimize any of that, they have made the CHOICE to relate primarily to their BUSY SCHEDULE first and make INTERACTING WITH FELLOW CHRIST FOLLOWERS second, or even third on their overly long list.                        This is ONE main reason WHY The Lord openly REBUKED the busy DOING lampstand Church in Revelation 2, who were busy DOING His Work, but not RESEMBLING BEING THE REAL DEAL to ones who came into up close contact WITH. In fact as they callously brushed by and rushed past clearly suffering, hurting real PERSONS, they re injured the Little Ones whom (very ironically) the Heavenly Father had sent THEM to role model Him TO.



     We understand this by the example of The Organic Chief Apostles Chief Lampstand of the Savior, JESUS CHRIST who  would relate with the minister Sheep and summarily (as in “Jesus wept”) would “weep with those who weep” and thereby pastorally, ministry model Christ like caring true COMPASSION and kind hearted EMPATHY.


If 5 fold offices, who name themselves among the prophets and pioneering chief apostles, are dull in discernment, legalistic in perception, mired in accusation: What next: the nation……

The only Church whose doors will never close: The non accuser Revelation 3:7 Brotherly Love Walk Church of Philadelphia.

WHY would I care to go to visit, much less abide in, any house, family dwelling or God’s House, where must endure leader accusation which resembles our Adversary, also named the Accuser, rather than the accepting JESUS CHRIST ,who was described as the foretold non accuser MESSIAH the prophet Isaiah in 11:3,

“The Messiah will delight Himself in the fear of the Lord and will not judge by the sight of His eyes, nor make decisions based on what He hears.”

“They overcame HIM (the Accuser) by the blood of the Lamb, the words of THEIR TESTIMONY and loved not their lives until death.” Revelation 12:11

Emerge FROM Church Realism major viewpoint: “Ever since I removed myself out of all that complacent,  competitive, Big Business modern day popular worship vulture culture performance ministry, I haven’t feel judged, accuser watched,dominated or envied thus I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY ENTIRE CHRIST FOLLOWING  LIFE!”

God shows Himself pure to those who’s hearts are pure. Blessed are the pure in heart they SHALL see (accurately perceive?) Him.

As one giant persona said to another, “Leggo my ego.”

Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” 

(C)2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved


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