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Today I resume deep study of modern day leader doctrine and it’s effects out  in the congregation and most especially in the senior and junior, rising, 5 fold office ministry.

When we study both the Old Testament and the New, in modern day, New Testament, post resurrection, post legalism apostolic Times, the manner in which a chief apostle, senior pastor, 5 fold office handles the Old Testament in their In House leader subjective doctrine, will either make healthy, true, Bible “organic” remaining, safe, accepting spiritual FRUIT or accusative twisted spiritual FALLOUT.

The writer, once again, does not intend to put forth hard, legalistic dogma, but rather yields this to each reader in a submitted, be a Noble Berean, and James 3:17 respectful manner.

James 3:17, “The wisdom the comes from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, easily entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.” 

If you have just joined us, please review the last few apostolic blogs concerning THE  BOANERGE MINISTRY AND MEDIA: PATRICIANISM, I will begin a shorter blog series to develop the underlying ROOTS of what the Lord has repeatedly called, OLD TESTAMENT LEVITICAL PATRIARCHISM, LEVITICAL MATRIARCHISM.

YET that big subject will have to wait until I set the stage for its discussion on this posting. We first discuss “popular modern ministry worship culture” un-organic human leader MIXTURE.

After, following the completion, we will endeavor to comprehend what the writer has repeatedly discerned as modern day Old Testament Levitical Phariseeism mixed in with otherwise AMAZING, GOOD, prophetic Bible wisdom, mostly sound, local In House leader doctrines.


The deciding factor between FRUIT and FALLOUT lies in

1) how well the by product of apostolic Bible based teaching, realistic leader thinking resembles the MESSIAH whom the prophet Isaiah foretold would bear the following hallmarks:

He delighted in the fear of the Lord, and would not judge by the sight of His eyes, nor make decisions, based on what He heard.” Isaiah 11:3

OR does the congregation, staff, apostolic family, more resemble the Accuser: of fellow Christian leaders, fathers, mothers, men, women, other nations, other ministers, other Christ Following denominations OR even any NON Christ Following Group. AND how well do the people get along with one another and with them SELVES?

And does the spiritual fruit of senior leader, staff, congregation, future and senior office ministers resemble the Messiah or the Accuser and do they embody James 3:17 in  their own personal, Lamp stand  relationships?

Thus in determining TRUE SPIRITUAL FRUIT it must first align with the Bible.

2. Secondly all spiritual true fruit, or twisted fallout must first be accurately perceived and clearly discerned: not by just the top senior leaders, but by the Least of These out in the lowest ministry rank and file, and also in the budding /rising NEW MINISTRY LEADER generation.


We will continue to make some of the same points again:

  • IF the senior top leadership has picked up incorrect Bible apostolic winds of doctrines, approves of legalism, has bias, prejudice, or a cynical jaundiced religious view of CERTAIN TYPES of human real people, then it will NOT represent the Organic Messiah because it would be deeply PREJUDICED or use major RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS in “perceiving, discerning” all the others.
  • THEN, bearing this unholy MIXTURE, these same pioneering leaders would then  also then preach and train, and ministry role model also with the HUMAN GOVERNMENTAL MIXTURE, which would NOT then be 100 percent Pure Organic Leadership as Called forth and represented by the Accepting, Unconditionally Loving, Non prejudiced, Non racist, Non gender biased, Non class biased, Organic Christ Jesus who had NO “respecter of persons spirit” but rather really RESPECTED ALL humans, be they old or  young, Jew or Gentile, brown, black, white, or tan.
  • This bigoted, errant MIXTURE would then be passed down into the next rising leader /follower generation. And would continue to pass to exceeding future leader/follower /minister, generations UNLESS the LORD (II Timothy 3:16-17) reveals, reproves and leader corrects.
  • Yet, if that is NOT allowed from the top leadership, then He will have to go to willing unknown others who are outside the Religious System.
  • Examples: Christ had to hold his meetings apart from the Phariseeical synagogue and ministered out on the hillside. The Angels who first brought the Good News of the Messiah’s, Jesus, birth, did not go into the temple to tell the High Priest, but rather appeared out on another hillside to the humble shepherds.

THE MAIN LEADER POINT is that if the SHEPHERDS,meaning the 5 fold office senior mature offices are ‘hard of spiritual hearing, true spiritual perception and no longer sharp in discernment,then God can attempt to really MOVE..but they will be too dull of hearing, perceiving, to DISCERN/PERCEIVE HIM.

SECOND:  if they are experienced, mature, and full of wells of knowledge, they may mistakenly turn “all wise” and miss him through leader superior PRIDE or IGNORANT ARROGANCE.

THIRD: Or any leader or a generation of leaders, can lose their First Real Love Relationship with the Lord due to over business, failing to observe a personal SABBATH apart from their own apostolic work, and this can make them LOSE their sharpened, accurate spiritual fine tuned discernment and perception.

And they could then lose their human empathy and Christ like sincere compassion for those to whom they have been called to senior minister!

Example I Samuel: the older, seasoned, dull in perception, accusative, at first lacking in caring leader compassion, Eli the High Priest, who when he first noticed the grieving Hannah, sobbing on the temple steps, rather than taking time to go over to her, to show her God’s leader  compassion by gently inquiring “Tell  me what is the matter?” rather remained at his resting place and accusatively JUDGED Hannah from afar as being one of those “DRUNKS.”

POINT: And if a senior leader, high priest, even a generation of them, or the ministers within a particular denomination, grow mentally hard, over burdened, lose their First Love Time Apart with the Lord, neglect to carve out TIME to “be with the Lord” and then begin to want him to bless them, without having any relationship, all of this will begin to mass produce ELI HIGH PRIESTHOOD which is in this writer’s perception,AKA  the Revelation 2:1-7 Church of Ephesians Lampstand Revisited.

Upon recently repeatedly encountering (for the very first time in all of my born again ministry years) a region filled with un-empathetic, compassion fatigued, full of their own selfs, always hard working, trying to “build THEIR ministry” and always “hail fellow well met” yet materialistic and super shallow, it took the writer completely aback.

AND it proceeded to frighten her. NOT for her own person, but due to the remarked absence of what is traditionally known as “the holy awesome abiding fear of the Lord” as it was REPRESENTING JESUS CHRIST, BEING IN THE 5 FOLD CHRISTIAN SENIOR/JUNIOR MINISTRY to all at grass roots, both immature, mature born again Christian but also to the nonbeliever, the seeker, the stranger, alien, and those were on the fence about whether or NOT Jesus Christ was the TRUE MESSIAH, “The Way, the Truth and The Life.”

And after 5-6 plus times running into some of these myself, if I had not had plenty of previous powerful leader experiences where I used to live, I would have pulled back and stayed far away, automatically PRESUMING that “if they say they are a Christian, and a Christian senior ministry and they TALK the part and they LOOK the part and they all have their CD to sell, then this would imply that JESUS CHRIST, aka the Messiah, would CONDONE, APPROVE OF how they act, disrespect other persons and have a respect for a few personal favorite family , friends, but completely DISRESPECT all the many diverse others.

And after watching how friendly, accepting, trust worthy and natural, NON Christ Followers were, and among the NON Church attending true honest Believers, if I had not seen REAL ORGANIC PASTORING, MINISTRY and in personal 1-1 interaction 1) in my own senior pastor parents, ministers in my extended relatives, 2) entire regions where real, natural ORGANIC Ministers, church goers, non church goers were for the most part direct, RESPECTFUL, for the most part honest, trustworthy and NOT one bit demeaning to a genteel female minister, I would have never darkened the door of ANY CHRISTIAN professing non evangelical church.

BUT because I had experience the REAL DEAL NON PLASTIC SINCERE THING, it helped me discern and perceive what was FAKEY, PLASTIC , DECEPTIVE, DEMEANING and DEEPLY INSINCERE, as in ‘full of human mixture” and not 100 percent organic Bible.

THUS it spoke volumes and is what God used to inspire the ORGANIC CHRIST FOLLOWING leader side of the IFFM, TAVEAU D’ARCY LEADERSHIP.

And it is what started the emboldened spiritual doctrine research. It also provoked THOUGHT about what we as a Popular Worship Culture Ministry Generation is going to leave for the following youth, and beyond.

SUMMARY: While there is much more to come, I must close for now. And this all is what began the examination of “if this we see fallout, not fruit, then what is in the DOCTRINES OF THESE SUBGROUPS”

Coming: The Mixture of OT Doctrines in NT Nonlegalistic Freedom

To be continued…


(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved


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