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ON THIS Ministry Blog we resurrect the First Church Chief apostles, and then Apostle Paul who came later.

IF you desire to read many of the first postings on this blog, it will inform YOU of  how DR. TAVEAU D’ARCY LEADERSHIP views and uses the word “APOSTLE”

The early blogs how our regards as to how IFFM uses them, as they are used by ministries in MANY different ways, so we want YOU to be on the same page as  WE whenever we discuss them.

TODAY on a new blog.ADVENTURES IN HUMAN PLEASING, the Lord began to unfold an extra large leader word, It was also a lot MORE like the flavor of this blog, so we shall share the LINK, but then attempt to out line it on the next blog.

IT is intended to spark leader discussion and has up front direct, to be continued, need to be further in depth explained big comments.

So please check out today, but in check for the updated /overview ,in outline form, in the NEXT Blog.


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