We Interrupt 8/23 Scheduled Blog for An Important Selahs


(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved


Yes, I did state that the NEXT Blog would be about BOANERGE MINISTRY AND MEDIA. And that will be forthcoming soon. But something occurred. And I just posted it in length on the http://www.discernmentandperception.com block

It deals directly with what we need to cover in this blog. HOW does a 5 fold office apostolic minister AVOID deception? Answer: By seeking the Lord’s Kingdom FIRST before Ministry Attainment, AND by actively learning how to “rightly divide the Truth” by ongoing Bible Study, but along with those: “learning how to DISCERN and PERCEIVE God’s “still small voice ‘ I Kings 19, and then the “inward witness of the Holy Spirit.”

The following is a link from the heavy “revelation download” God is gracing this senior pioneering leader with. ON it will be references to THREE KEY (submitted in respectful SELAH James 3:17 abiding form) to YOU the Reader to pic apart, in Noble Berean (but also in James 3:17 respectful, leader mature fashion.”


FIRST: List of future leader topics to help insure leaders always PERCEIVE and DISCERN ACCURATELY, and get blessed with NEW FRESH MANNA for God’s people.

SECOND: An overview, synopsis for IFFM presentation of BIBLE REASONS for “EPHESIANS CROSS RACIAL, CULTURAL NO DIVISION TRUE CORPORATE TRUE UNITY, COMMUNITY based on (you can go read this for YOURSELF ) EPHESIANS 2:14- 5:21.

A PAUSE TO CLARIFY: Nowhere do we make any hard line dogmatic formulas. We submit it all as a respectful SELAH. 

AND NOWHERE does the writer even HINT/make a SUGGESTION that anyone (ANYONE) pull out from  or leave or vacate OR Emerge FROM their own God instructed post, denomination or sect. (that is stated on their. THESE COMMENTS are for chief apostle SELAH and for letting EVERY MATURE PERSON hear what God is saying to THEM  through that post.

HERE IS THE THIRD SECTION: Which is way down at the bottom: A REPRINT From Taveau D’Arcy online leader upcoming book: GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFT (C)2013 Taveau D’Arcy Celebration of His Word Books, All copyrights reserved.
AND it will be REPRINTED right there.

SO this is the LINK to arrive at the THREE SECTION D AND P apostolic submitted BLOG.http://wp.me/p3Ciky-bH



(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved


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