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NOTE: This is an important word and has been reprinted from Taveau D’Arcy RANDOM SALT AND SELAHS blog for the same date

June 17, 2913



Shalom means “nothing is missing, nothing is broken.” It’s similar to life in the Garden of Eden before the Fall.

Everything was 100 percent natural, pure, organic living..with 100 percent ergonomic seating..just like what it’s going to be like ONE DAY when we move up to Heaven!

Life before the Fall of Humankind, had NO drudgery, NO boredom, and nothing but genuine JOY and LAUGHTER..as before the effects of Sin was NO cloudy days, NO sorry Me Centered, put upon negative thinking..and with it NO falshoods, NO stress, and NO sorrow.

And one of the best WAYS to remedy all of this (this means WHILE we’re still living here on Earth, in the Human Fall condition) is to 1) park yourself and then make a big list of ALL of your cares, worries, and big fears and then CAST THEM onto the Lord…but let them STAY there 2) Then take the King David posture of being a Warrior of God’s Rest, in Psalm 110:1

“The Lord said to my  Lord, sit at my right hand WHILE I make YOUR enemies YOUR foot stool.”

And if YOU are a person who is used to taking ACTION..then YOU can simply refuse to take back ANY worries, cares and make the CHOICE to take revenge on the devil by NOT getting worried at all. The Lord told this writer that this was called “Being a Warrior of God’s Rest.” (You choose to remain calm, and WIN by not getting all worked up, toxic, big time stressed or ruining YOUR WHOLE DAY with fear, anxiety, upset.

Following this, go about and have a MERRY FREE DAY..”a merry heart does as good as a medicine.”

Stand on this Bible verse, Hebrews 1:9 “Because He (Our Savior) hated iniquity and loved righteousness God anointed Jesus with the oil of joy and gladness ABOVE HIS FELLOWS!”

(meaning to have REAL OIL OF JESUS JOY is conditional..)

AND put on your praise and worship tapes..or sing acapella OR just plain on SHOUT God’s praises!

This will help YOU preserve the new peace and joy which needs to be “your strength.”

AND if you in need of a JUMP START: the please check out our Humor Site SWARMS OF CORN www.swarmsofcorn.com

And, as Apostle Paul did, CHOOSE to be of “GOOD CHEER!”

Almighty Blessings!
Dr. T

PS for all of our other TD Blogs, web TV, see link LEADER LABYRINTH on www.organicleader.org

(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy all copyrights reserved


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