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The Writer Gives Her Non Performance Non Legalistic Background Bible Based Leader Foundations

Although the Lord commissioned the (then)  young, ministerially naive but truly on fire Christian, writer back in 1976, to begin to observe, to study the many different groups of born again, Bible believing true believers “in order to be able to build bridges of commonality among them.” She had NO CLUE about what would lie in store.

All of her present day pioneering leader writings stem from being taken on a very low, non famous, only “revealed” on what was God’s apparent “as a needs to know” ongoing revealed, Enoch like, step by step 24/7/365 multiyear always exceedingly S-L-O-W, indeed very puzzling big process.

Due to God’s granted grace, the nonaccusative, non suspicious servant writer embarked on  what has turned out to be an amazing, supernatural , but every “beneath practically every body’s own radar” type of ongoing Research, Study. (Some may compare it to being sent out on a Dr. Luke Type Eyewitness?)

And for the first 20 full years, the sent messenger was “sent”  about the east coast: and all around the land locked region where she lived, in cross cultural, cross body servant pioneering leadership/leader encouraging, for the main purposes of mature ministry intercession.

Also,  during this land locked, linking urban with suburban senior ministry, in apostolic, ongoing leader prayer, the future writer also raised her family, gained many parenting, family realistic helpful views, began her public Bible teaching ministry, along with her newsletter to encourage senior pastors, then later real radio, local regional television. God also granted her much leader favor and the writer was repeatedly invited by senior pastors to ongoing House to House , cross racial, cross Bible Believing Body, All Leadership personal, regional repentance for racial bias, sin, for major purposes of Revival Intercession.

And this “always being sent”  (in big hindsight) Enoch servant abiding not widely known, secret agent (?) fashion, was mostly among the grass roots local senior ministry leaders who were servant leaders, who embodied both Ephesians 5:21 “mutual submission in the fear of the Lord” as well as for the most part: James 3:17, “the wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, easily entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.”

During all those many blissful first ministry area wide years, NOT EVEN ONCE did this female rising future senior minister, EVER feel any chauvinism, EVER feel disrespected due to her age, race or feminine gender. In fact , for her first 20 solid cross body, cross racial senior leader  interaction, the young female future  apostolic senior minister ONLY repeatedly experienced REAL (not put on) respect in the “mutual submission fear of the Lord’ among the mostly MALE head leaders, of all races.

And due to God’s favor, one time  the female writer was invited to be the only FEMALE invited to sit in on the ALL MALE “Promise Keepers” Pastors Preparation Prayer.

There were ZERO “hiearchal leader doctrines” and NO “who are YOU viewed as UNDER” authoritarian legalism, accuser Pharisee  (self styled over seer self appointed immature leaders who WATCHED all other ministers, junior, senior, to see if THEY were “under ” spiritual authority OR “a member of a local church.” (Absolutely NONE!)

And in hindsight, it was a purely organic Christ Following Community Happy Ministry Time.

Way back then, the genuine “organic” humility with true Bible leader main focus (it’s ALL ONLY ABOUT THE LORD and NOT OUR OWN PERSONAL MINISTRY OR AGENDA) reminded her of her own servant senior pioneering pastor natural father, Rev. M. Kimball Johnson, Jr.


Yet, as the TV media, the growth of high test “professional strength Charisma Magazine type slick Christianity” plus the influx of materialism, western Up and Coming Power Suit MIXTURE, followed by the expansion of what the writer noted was “Spiritual Authority” “Leader Covering” and “Dark Demon /Witch Accusing” fear based legalism, beginning in the mid 1990′s the never accused writer was surprised to discover the start of this when the Lord first began to send her OUT of her own region to Florida where she first discovered (1996) 1) her first Celebrity Christians 2) heard the mostly Caucasian, primarily at ease, due to rise in popular TV media, extremely overly well fed, immature grass roots smaller ministers calling OTHER FELLOW PASTORS, MINISTERS charismatic evil names “witches” and “jezebels.”

ASIDE: (Doctrinal rabbit trail) While still in college, the writer who subscribed to New Wine Magazine, had noted a shift in that ministerial group. Some had started what came to be known as the SHEPHERDING AUTHORITY MOVEMENT.

Something greatly disturbed the young future writer, as she was never raised in controlling, gender bias, hierarchy or with any senior pastor hierarchy need (by her own senior pastor Southern Baptist happy camper leader natural father) to be “COVERED.” Thus the writer then swiftly canceled her subscription to the magazine.

Yet now, in hindsight, the writer presents a very possible APOSTOLIC THEORY that all of the hierarchy, WHO’S OVER WHOM, COVERING, ABUSIVE SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY PHARISEE ACCUSER NOSY BUSY BODY LOCAL LEGALISM , SEEING GOD’S OWN PEOPLE (FROM AFAR WITHOUT POLITELY UP FRONT BIBLE CONFRONTING) as “WITCHES, THE PERCEIVED ADVERSARY and MAJOR STEREOTYPING OF LEADER WOMEN AND SOME MAN AS JEZEBEL SPIRITS) all are tied directly or indirectly with the Shepherding movement in grass roots mostly Western European heritage, mostly prophetic/charismatic witch watching, ministry leader sub groups.
SELAH not etched in religious concrete…


(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved


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