IFFM: The Emerge FROM (Accuser/Legalistic) Church New Season



MAY 23, 2013

Almighty Blessings!

As many of you sense, we are in a NEW APOSTOLIC SEASON..a deepening of what has already been arising in the service, real leader season of the Lord.

The word today comes: The Spirit of God is arising. He is replacing the 5 fold office spirit of entitlement with an awesome Holy Fear of the Lord.”

Yet we admit, MANY discerning 5 fold pastors, true prophets, chief apostles, teachers and witnessing evangelists ALREADY are abiding in that “awesome reverential Holy Fear” which Proverbs 1:7 declares is the “beginning of (true) wells of knowledge.

Yet, even as I pen this, the writer shares that NO ONE fully realizes what GOD may regard as “pure holy abiding fear of Him” (especially admitting this simple writer)

Yet in too many ministry quarters, recent doctrinal, many apostolic mighty real moves, have produced wells of awesome ministry revelation on God’s supernatural faith and unseen power, the wisdom and revelation of the Holy Spirit real realm and the many various Bible worship, praise and spirit of prophecy, manifest God’s glory realms.

But down at the local grass roots real realms, one cannot find the discernment, perceptive apostolic humility or even adherence to what the Lord has strongly impressed upon the non accusative reprover (and oft Father God reproved!) non religious writer…as “the non Bless Me” increasingly (evidently) no longer POPULAR , far more sober, somber, basically all RELATIONSHIP based verses.

See the long list on the www.organicleader.org upcoming site on ABOUT link;

To name a tiny few: Proverbs 1:7, apostolic James 3:17/Matthew 18:15-18/Ephesians 3:21 (and the others are on the aforementioned link)

Just now, until JUNE 8, this pioneering writer will be in a season of seeking the LORD as He has impressed us that we are to focus majorly on the little Ones who are NOT in any local Church, but to build a bridge of compassion and understanding between the Present Modern Legalistic Accusative Pioneering Church and the MANY who now prefer to worship all alone, with just a small handful.
Please see www.emergefromchurchtv.com and www.emergefromchurch.org (apostolic explanatory Blog)

DFW Leader Online Ministry Fellowship will be the official LOCAL ONLINE WORSHIP CAMPUS Site and future DFW area local planting..should God send mature, emotionally healthy, trustworthy and above all honest friend/family/Folk to have a worship team, ministry pioneering apostolic (realistic) team

AND http://www.pioneeringleadertv.org will be IFFM/OCFC Taveau D’Arcy Pioneering Servant Leadership Ministries apostolic servant leader mature equipping and Words from the Lord for the national Over Seer True Body of Christ.

SEE all BLOGS and updates on http://www.organicleader.org link LEADER LABYRINTH.

We request your prayers as we have a LOT of download from the Lord..and are in a Happy Cheerful RESTFUL yet apostolically puzzling NEW HAPPY  BEING SENT PLACE.

Thus, UNTIL or UNLESS the Lord drops a word for this blog into my open spirit, the writer will seclude herself to pursue the LORD until just around JUNE 8,2013.

In His Major On Time, End Time Apostolic Blessings!

Your Sister, Dr. Taveau

(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved



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