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April 8, 2013 


TODAY we  reprint from a SELAH regarding God’s Holy Spirit Move . It is from a prior Leader Word  archives. Yet we believe that  word is encouraging for those in deep need, and is  still valid. It has to do with present perceptions of senior pioneering leader need for income.

FOLLOWING this, we shall resume  the Dr. Taveau D’Arcy Pioneering Leadership   LEADER DOCTRINES FOR NEW DAY: Psalm 118 Pioneering in Ministry, more about the apostle Paul and current modern leader doctrinal spiritual mixture.

AND EACH  of them always are yielded in submitted SELAH with respect to each mature wise 5 fold leader reader.

Dr. Taveau D’Arcy


“God does nothing without first telling His servants the prophets.”     Amos 3:7

“The M Word and God’s Cresting Holy Spirit Wave”

By Dr. Taveau D’Arcy (C) 2009 All rights reserved.

The word “waves” best seems to describe the many different aspects of God’s  Holy Spirit as He moves around the world. In today’s blog, I want to talk about the characteristics of one of the many different kinds of Holy Spirit waves which are advancing in this present  day: finances.

Whenever the Spirit of God informs  those who are spiritually perceptive or in  the prophetic ministry,  that something hoped (in this case MONEY)  “ is coming” quite ironically  it then appears that the exact opposite actually  happens.

Most of us realize that this type of test is one aimed at developing  our faith and trust. But oft times  financial tests are really designed to birth brand new levels of  spiritual /emotional maturity, enduring faith, as well as Godly pure motives and good character.

Yes, whenever  God speaks to  His children about upcoming financial provision,( whether through  rhema Bible scriptures which seem to leap up from the pages of the Bible, or through  prophetic pictures during prayer times or a word from the Lord during  a meeting) each of our hopes build.

We fully expect to see them  manifest immediately.  And sometimes our finances  do come quickly. But, more often, to those whom God is bringing to another level of maturity, it just doesn’t happen that way. In fact, it might even be that the provisional, financial rug even gets pulled out from under us!

Then it seems many times that the rug gets pulled.just as we seem to need it the most! 

     In the last few years, in my own personal case, the big topic of “finances’ has repeatedly proven to be NOT a  test about “the money” at all! Instead, any tests about the M Word (Money) all turn out to be about MY  FEAR or MY LACK of MATURITY or PURITY OF HEART.

Any M word (money) topic  is  giant and  very multifaceted. So today  I will share only what God has in the last few years,  revealed to me about WAVES.

Illustration: Money and the Holy Spirit are like the cresting of a giant wave:

Picture yourself at the beach. You see a giant wave starting to swell, then crest, just before crashing onto the shoreline. Notice how, just as the wave crests upward and moves toward shore, at the same time,  all the sand,  the tiny pebbles, and baby shells, are swept backwards. It is just like some strong force is sucking them all backwards, into the sea.

The more the wave  starts to crest, the more the  pebbles and tiny stones are sucked backward into the sea. So God pointed out to me that this is exactly how His Spirit moves in the area of big finances, such as restoration, specific manifestation.

Just as God spiritually announces to us our upcoming promised increase in finances, at nearly the exact same time, we may personally or ministerially be hit with a giant wave of the pressures of lack. This may seem supernatural or natural. And the Lord has promised one thing (finances) but the exact opposite happens instead.  Our finances may even seem to be sucked out by shortfalls, weird financial attacks or even job losses.

So what goes with all this weirdness? “The trying of our faith works patience’ the Bible teaches. But what about the need for food money, housing, paying staff salaries? At this time, every one must truly decide if he/she is going to believe the LORD’S WAY or the NEWS MEDIA ‘S/NEIGHBOR’S WAY.

Any need, or lack or minus in finances may cause great attention to be drawn to the big M Word Need. It may trigger worry (FEAR). Or it may just be God’s way of downsizing due to wrong money priorities. It is therefore up to each person to go to God to discuss these types of things.

But let us assume that each one reading this blog is very pure in heart: and that the Giant of Financial Big Need is coming out daily to shout and cause great attention,even fear to be focused onto It.

Usually, when person’s hearts are pure in motives and there is not greed, pride issues, then the main cause of all financial worries and misfocus is due to what the devil want FOCUS ON THE FEAR (false evidence appearing real). 
Therefore, if getting rid of the big FEAR is what would make the devil very unhappy, then I suggest that YOU work on that.

Let us remember, that when the giant wave of the move of God crests, and the sucking out of the sand (and money ?) truly begins, it should be examined for what God is trying to say  by allowing this to happen. Secondly ,we each must allow God freedom to uncover any false money motives or   underlying fear or immaturity, lack of obedience (I would go to Malachi 3 to see what God requires about tithing).

As the Spirit moves, and the sucking backwards begins, then God is simply wanting to show Himself as the Lord God. Yes, each of us might be tempted to self pity or to use blame shifting off of ourselves to other people or even spouses. It is NOT EVER ABOUT THE MONEY most often, it IS most often about what goes on inside each of your and my own hearts where the M Word (God’s money) is concerned.

M Word (money) Wave Shake Ups will be used by God to reveal to each of us  our own FAITH IN THE BIBLE LEVEL or  OUR FEAR LEVELS.

M Word Tests may create such a need that we either resort to going to the Supernatural power of God or else to our own very human, flesh based, bitter natural resources: Have you seen the people killing themselves on the news lately? And those panicking without the seeming knowledge of Christ and taking not just their own lives but those of their family and small children??

Let us never forget that we are living in the last days, and just as their is a NATURAL side, which is too evident on the nightly news, any true Christian believer should automatically KNOW that the Eternal God who created the world and sent Jesus, is also very SUPERNATURAL…(but this does require we each having to have at least SOME FAITH and a good knowledge of His Holy Word)

M Word Tests are real tests of our choice to follow after what we think, hear, see, (and TV) which are the things of the FLESH. And those who  are “moved” by their flesh, which is fear supported usually, might actually  jump off of buildings  or shoot their own families.

BUT, for those who know the Good Lord, and who may be facing a M Word Test: I would definitely ask the Lord, whom Daniel 2: 28 calls “the revealer of secrets” to tailor make a hand hewn Bible based solution to YOUR NEED.  Just as there are no templates for making two Christians alike, there are also no Money Miracle Formulas alike.

The Wedding At Cana: How to find YOU miracle:

Remember: the first miracle Jesus ever did happened in John 2 at the wedding at  Cana. It was where Jesus turned the water into wine. It  happened when Mary, the mother of Jesus said, “WHAT EVER HE SAYS TO YOU, DO IT.”  
This means: YOU need to go ask Jesus for OUR miracle the same way; Then whatever HE tells YOU to to, then DO IT. (i.e. walk toward YOUR Giant, all the while asking God for His specific personal directions.)

So,  if YOU are temporarily in the sucking out of the sand time, try picturing God’s wave moving YOU forward at the same time.  He is doing something that mere MONEY cannot buy! And you may not be able to perceive what all of that really is UNTIL His Wave has at last settled on shore.

Just know: when the  big invisible wave of God’s  moving Holy Spirit finally hits the spiritual shoreline, it really WILL manifest in brand new levels, and also the furnishing of God’s provision. ( BUT…. along the way, there most likely will be  real temptation to pressure ….and with all sorts of Godly character building ‘faith and patience’ type tests besides!)

BUT, since we are only PASSING THROUGH by living on this earth, with the main goal of eternal life in heaven, then INSTEAD of   viewing MONEY as the real BIG HAIRY DEAL…spend some time examining what’s  going on inside YOUR own heart. ( which in turn may just result in  what God is really working on during what appears to be a M Word Type big test.

Pass the Ketchup,Anyone?
Let us  remember the Ketchup Test: when ever pressure is applied to a plastic ketchup bottle, whatever is on the inside, comes out. M Word (money) Tests= Pressure but also = New Waves of the Holy Spirit, used for humbling, building faith muscles and for making pure the hearts of those God really wants to use in the New Move of the wholly Holy Spirit.

(I.E. Can (or will you allow) money make YOU turn mean? Can money (or will you give it power ) to wreck your family life? Will YOU give MONEY permission to make you depressed or afraid? …..

WHO are YOU giving power to ( to MAKE YOU behave a certain way)? Is it  the MONEY or GOD and HIS Holy Word?)

PS Here is a principal which God has taught me through the last several years; the fight to keep your peace and stay in complete faith may be even a very BIG long lasting one. BUT, when God is finally ready and He brings His wave (and YOU) safely to His shore, only then will  YOU become aware that  God has not wasted one single moment of all that “enduring, trusting” time…

…but rather put you through a process to birth brand new faith muscles of maturity to allow you to have new levels of success, peace, security, and even true prosperity in ways that, rather ironically, NO amount of money COULD EVER  BUY!

(C) 2009 Taveau D’Arcy All rights reserved.



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