MARCH 27, 2013


Q. Is there now a USA “falling away” OR is it a “running away” from the lack of GOOD TRUE ABIDING BIBLE LOCAL FRUIT?

A. NO one  leader answer will correctly explain it 100 percent. (surely not this writer’s)

To Each Reader: The writer recognizes that this  is RESURRECTION DAY WEEK, yet, clearly,  the writer is feeling prompted to specifically address this most assuredly HOT MINISTRY TOPIC: leader covering /spiritual authority doctrines.

Yet, preceding the VICTORY there was much death and degradation. So the writer senses that perhaps the Lord wants to up front confront what is lies fallow, is dead, so that once it has been dealt with, following this HIS NEW APOSTOLIC LIFE will spring forth…all around this land!

Surely, when the Lord removed dead Lazurus’ grave clothes, and breathed FRESH NEW AIR into what had brought darkness, weeping and clear destruction, that GREAT JOY and CELEBRATION ensued!

And so it was,  was during the wee hours of March 25, 2013,  that the Lord’s Spirit suddenly dropped these words into the spirit of the pioneering writer: “LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD” along with a inner perception/knowing, that this word was directed at the many apostolic, mostly charismatic, traditions. “

And the writer offers each main leader point,  each Bible verse, to each  reader in a yielded,humbly submitted  Selah, to “all who have ears to hear.”

And due to the need to continue Part 7 -8 of LEADER DOCTRINES FOR A NEW DAY, we may have several of this to finish before RESURRECTION DAY this Sunday.

An armada of God sent blessings!

In Him,

Dr. T



  • “After one has been repeatedly mauled by lions, one gradually develops an ability to recognize their scent.”Dr. Taveau D’Arcy
  • “Sometimes the best way to lead is to refuse to blindly follow.”

Dr. T. D’Arcy

  • “If a sound,  Bible stable, wise, emotionally safe parent  treats every child with respect and “covers”  them with abiding respect and wholesome, healthy,  nurturing, caring  enduring Real Love, it can later help each different child to more accurately  discern and perceive when head leader  authority spiritual due boundaries, apostolic doctrines cross over the line into turning into deceptive dark apostolic legalism, which may be abusive, dominating, manipulative or even enslaving.” Dr. Taveau D’Arcy
  • “Let the dead bury their dead.” Wisdom Regarding Many Apostolic Authority Traditions


1. To help make “fellowshipping with the saints” and “going to a local church” a safe haven refuge once again at grass roots local, rural, where you can actually walk up to speak with them, apostolic level.

2. To help fashion the local Church model, back into a leader organic,   not critical, not aggressively watching/judging Accuser but instead resembling the non critical, accepting  Messiah whom the prophet Isaiah described in Isaiah 11:3-4, “delighted in the fear of the Lord and did not judge by the sigh of His eyes, or make decisions based on what He had heard.”

SUMMARY: Potentially  this can have an major transforming affect, which then trickle down from the pulpit, stage, into the lay congregation, then out on each person, family as they leave the church house doors.

  • Following this each family, person, will carry God’s accepting, God’s love covers” kind of real anointing, which then will potentially  turn back the father’s to the children, win back the backsliders, and regain the confidence of the  many who have been accusatively judged, attacked and gossiped about(by both senior ministers, and lay) by creating a loving spiritually/emotionally safe house of refuge, which will be known by the FRUITS around the local community,based on the following mature healthy fruit:
  • “accepted in the loved”(Eph 1:6)
  • “walking in meekness and lowliness “ Ephesians 3:1, Safe Spiritual House
  • which models James 3:17 “the wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, peaceable, easily entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, is without partiality and without hypocrisy”
  • AND also, in Ephesians 2-5:21 Pauline Cross Body True Unity, will all Love Walk cross 5 fold leader office, cross denomination, cross race, cross culture, with TRUE RESPECT for all kinds of persons, leader or not, in the example both the writer’s parents modeled,
  •  Ephesians 5:21 “mutual respect, mutual submission in the fear of the Lord.”


  •  To make another leader point :that even well meaning Bible based doctrines may be abused, misused by ignorant, dysfunctional, wounded, often bigoted, leaders, who use their titles to demand respect and  complete unquestioning obedience
  •  To at least begin to START to reverse what this long time experienced, apostolic writer,  perceives to be in part, a great grass roots “turning away, even a running away” from the lack of genuine, accepting unconditional faith filled enduring Love in primarily the charismatic ministry (not meaning any of the well known, most highly visable, senior  pioneering top head organic pure hearted leader founders).
  •  To present  Ezekiel’s Wheel (Ezk 1) Bible Model as a external view of an invisible, Holy Spirit ordering leader principle: That of the Divine Appointment leader, Staff, Church, Ministry and individual Holy Spirit “sent” congregation members.
  • The entire “sent messenger igniting Move. (based on all servant 5 fold offices, all functioning in cross body “humility and meekness ” at the direct guiding of God’s Holy Spirit “gyroscope” the inward witness, analygous to Ezkiel’s WHEEL WITHIN A WHEEL.”

This writer’s mental picture has been slowly developing since starting close to the arrival of the new Millenium, but it was never fully developed. NOW God has at last released the fully picture.

EXPLANATION: Each person is called by God to pray, seek the Lord’s direction and then be a SENT ONE to whatever local church, ministry God tells them. There they will stay for God’s amount of seasons and for HIS reasons. (Many of these reasons will be for education, leader impartation, service and for niche Holy Spirit instruction/impartation, etc). There will be divine flux, based on Holy Spirit guidance and leader healthy apostolic doctrines (much more to come but later to fill this out).

  • WE UNDERSTAND that the  use of the word Apostle deserves what EACH pastor, leader invokes upon their own use of that word: AGAIN NOTE: as the writer has already mentioned, starting Feb 8 on ward, our ministry views of apostle, Apostle, are the Parts 1 or 2 of LEADER DOCTRINES FOR A NEW DAY on this blog, starting around Feb. 8, 2013.
  •  THE NON RELIGIOUS, CROSS BODY, HOLY SPIRIT RELIANT, “NO BIG EXALTED I’s and NO LITTLE PEON U’s, in lay, leadership and 5 fold mature offices, will  be an truly accepting, racially diverse, non gender /race, age, single, divorced bigoted non ME Pleasing true Church (Please read Ephesians 4 to see fruit produced by Cross Humbling of 5  fold non legalistic, mutually  respectful offices in Ephesians 4 10- onward.
  • WISDOM FOR LOCAL GRASS ROOTS TRUE ACCEPTING MATURE LEADER FRUIT: “Apostolic divine appointment, Holy Spirit guided leader interaction, and divine humble Holy Spirit tempered human /ministry flexibility in both pioneering leadership and lay, will put an end to what the writer has repeatedly discovered in too many charismatic, prophetic, ministry well intentioned subgroups: an apostolic leathery, rigid, legalistic, hardened, super sensitive, overly time constrained, hoop jumping, resembling the New Testament watching, gossiping, every suspicious /well known busy  Phariseeical Big Religious Accuser Resembling Business  Big System, with it’s many entrenched, often own turf protecting Tribes, Tribal beloved leaders and Tribal head quarters to which their followers will ONLY apostolically head, honor and summarily FOLLOW.
  • BUT REPLACE the “I am for only Apollos /I am only for Apostle Paul” spiritual celebrity and start to focus on what’s actually contained in the Bible (meaning Book  of Ephesisns 2:- 5:21 entirely, and one will find that (shockingly) that Apostle Paul, who penned more than 2/3 of the New Testament, was only 100 percent TOTALLY in agreement with ALL of the Church, and purported Sent Messenger, Servant Leadership minus achievement based hierarchy and minus “respecter of persons’ unloving, un yielding self righteous spirit.”
  • Way down in grass roots local, tiny pioneering church levels, where class, hierarchy and the quest for leader position, prestiege and even power runs very deep, after the Lord directed the writer to repeatedly research the many “who are YOU UNDER” aka “spiritual covering, under spiritual authority ” somewhat good doctrines, it was revealed to her that if we get rid of exalted pulpits and elite ministry, and instead devote each of ourselves to PAULING SERVANT CROSS BODY, meaning By Leader Divine Appointment, “Mutual submission, mutual respect’ “in lowliness and meekness” CROSS BODY, CROSS RACE and CROSS CULTURE, then it would elevate JESUS CHRIST and all human others, lay, pastor, leaders and the LAMPSTANDS would be kindled with the brightest Flame every possible!
  • ALL GONE would be today’s modern pioneering fast formula, cloned template/famous Father ministry. AND ALL GONE would then be the religious, legalistic, rigid, (earthly reward based?) views of “one size of apostolic, ministry, pioneering leader, “covering/under submission doctrine FITS ALL.”
  • GONE would be competing, comparing, an awful lot of accuser tale bearing, Greek wisdom and false accusations (in leader ship and in lay) This too would get to be known throughout the COMMUNITy where once again, His own People yielding, would then spread the GOOD NEWS would be spread abroad that once again that “JESUS HOUSE  was once again a Safe PLACE for ALL KINDS OF DIFFERENT NATIONS AND HUMAN PEOPLE.”


  • To take time to POINT DIRECTLY TO the apparent strong effect  of national TV, media and national proliferation of Bible teaching (starting first with) cassettes, CDS, DVDs, MP3s, all types of Bible teaching media, in the Trickle Down effect (being both amazing and great and also, apostolically very very  poor, local grass roots ministry, senior offices, lay person, and resulting in either SPIRITUAL LEADER FRUIT or non genuine, hardened, unloving, accusative, self justifying rampant FALL OUT.


Above Picture, HISTORICAL LANDMARK TAVEAU CHURCH                        Cordesville, South Carolina

(The writers French Huguenot pioneering /spiritual forefathers/mothers)




When one reads any other’s views, it often helps to understand what has shaped their Life /Ministry Views. And it also helps to know how they view different vocabulary words in ministry. And it also may shed light on the topics covered by reviewing family ancestral leaders, who would help to shape or even mar the writers, pioneering leaders, Bible teaching views.

The writer has shared the official DR. TAVEAU D’ARCY PIONEERING LEADER MINISTRY in OCFC /IFFM House Views regarding their own views of the words Apostle, apostle, doing the work in an apostolic manner, and office of the apostle, chief apostle back in the first 1-2 Parts of the Series LEADER DOCTRINES FOR A NEW DAY (archived Feb 8 and continuing for 6 parts of this TD OFFICIAL MINISTRY BLOG)

  • And for those apostolically worried due to all the legalism surrounding the Church and Home male/female roles, please read re Taveau D’Arcy’s non traditional southern woman leader hood on this blog, date March 18, 2013 “GREAT GRACE GRANTED THE WRITER.”

THUS the pioneering writer wants to state her official Senior Leader Ministry over all views of Christ’s World Wide Apostolic True Body, how she as a female, ministry head pioneering leader was respected and raised by her own 2 wise hands on caring leader parents. AND she wants to deeply contrast how the personal past life of any pastor, apostle or Bible /TV teacher can strongly affect their intrinsic views of many different kinds of “sent” true persons, some based on race, age, gender and other manners of outward appearance.

And before the writer examines the above, she wants to give the reader a brief realistic back ground into why she personally has taken such deep ongoing interest in First Church chief apostles, and modern day, mostly pioneering charismatic leader ones.

AND as usual, she asks each reader to prayerfully pick out what is hay and spit out all that is passing earthly stubble. She also yields each ministry leader point as a Submitted Selah, rather than etched in spiritual concrete apostolic personal dogma.



The writer believes that the true Body of Christ consists of a true committed believers (God’s  holy remnant) and what is now become the Big Church Religious Business System. It consists of things which meet Bible standard criteria for marking any “truly born again person.” (we want to fill that out later)

  • Remove any person from any size, type, leader style, color, nation, personality of Church, Ministry (be they in house, of late online campuses, nontraditional, storefront, traditional church,  or mighty mega ministry) and one may then notice that MANY are ‘organic true, born again, Bible yielding persons /both leader, ministry and lay) and MANY are NOT. All that is God’s business, as He will short the wheat from the chaff on the Final Day.
  • WRITER BELIEVES  that the  Father God’s personality is mysterious, gigantic, and extremely complex,multifaceted, supernatural and enormously multigifted, then we simple frail mortals, will NEVER EVER figure Him out. It is the writers idea that God ‘s multifaceted personality, Eternal, Supernatural Nature, provokes different humans, who have been uniquely called by Him, to model at least a tiny PART of what He chooses to disclose, reveal about HIMSELF
  • THE LEADER WRITER believes that God’s 7 Spirits, are what ignite, give supernatural strength, brilliant revelation and Godly apostolic, real wisdom to all who are CALLED by God into ministry lamp stand service. It is the 7 Spirits of God mentioned in Isaiah 11:2, which evidently fuel, feed, and protect, each and every committed true believer, but also can commission, ordain and supply each and very Lamp stand 5 fold office and church, ministry.
  • NOTE: Isaiah 11:2  lists God’s 7 (flickering, hovering, brooding, imparting) Holy Spirits, “

“And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him—the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord”

  • THE WRITER DISCERNS:  Christ’s True World wide Body (5 fold offices) as meant to be ONE IN THE SPIRIT (Please read Ephesians 4 fully to see this Bible Concept spelled out by Apostle Paul). This implies (to the writer ) that God wants to speak and guide each 5 office leader, and each lay, associate, personally, daily and specifically by the “inward witness of the Holy Spirit” /the “voice of the Good Shepherd who gives life to His sheep” and Balanced by the Holy Bible.
  • Jesus cautioned the ministry group named the Sadducees, who refused to accept the fact that there is a supernatural side to all of this, when he rebuked them by saying, “YOU ERR, not knowing the Scriptures (how to truly know and apply them) OR the Power of God ” (Matthew 22:29 )
  • Meaning: you do not know either about how God’s supernatural, healing, refreshing, wonder working, Holy Spirit Book of Acts, leadership, soaking power works
  • Therefore Dr. Taveau believes both Bible teaching sides of how Faith in God’s Word Truly Apostolically Applies AND the Holy Spirit real Bible teaching, including spirit of prophecy , the revealed realm of worship, and apostolic pioneering, healing, etc. (Matthew 22:29,Jesus, the Messiah, the Word made flesh, in His Holy Book  declares we need to know BOTH)
  • FOR THE WRITER’S BELIEFS: CURRENTLY we are busy on an OFCF  Organic Christ Following Belief’s Site to help every one discern, non accusatively judge us based on nonlegalistic non religious  2 Timothy 3:16, Bible and common applied ministry sense.


NOTE: As  a  16 year old teenager, the writer dedicated her life to following what ever the Lord’s will was. And shortly before entering college, she decided to experiment, to find out what would actually happen, if she just prayed, studied her Bible, fellowshipped with the other saints, but allowed God ‘s Holy Spirit “inward witness” to speak to her, to specifically guide and direct her in all of her life and later family, senior ministry big and very small choices.

Then in 1976, as a newly married young woman, while sitting in a Sunday service in Saint Giles Presbyterian Church in Richmond, VA, the Lord suddenly communicated to her that He wanted her to begin to study all of his Bible believing, born again diverse divided denominations,subgroups, for the express purposes of finding out what their basic Bible doctrines were, including there vocabulary, and how they worshipped. He (the Lord) simply told her that one day He wanted her to be able to build bridges of commonality and understanding between the many different parts of His True Bride.

And this is what first started to provoke a deep abiding interest in God’s true people, leaders and lay, all races,and Bible doctrines and music styles, cultures.

And during that time, until this day, while most of it was a pleasant , ongoing, uplifting even supremely interesting and  over the following many pioneering apostolic leader eras.

However, some where during the 1990’s charismatic doctrines began to radically change, and then that the Lord began to send the writer out to various parts of the Body of Christ in the nation, to guest minister, to go to major conferences, and then for ministry leader varying needs. She went out has her organic senior pioneering senior pastors dearly loved and respected first born child, raised to only regard every single human being, especially all born again Christians, senior pastors, leaders as automatically deemed worthy of respect and utmost trust.

However as the USA charismatic doctrines began to flow freely from the media airwaves, and the USA Madison Avenue, Me and My Success rapidly advancing marketing ministry /worship culture also expanded, the writer slowing began to perceive a radical method, apostolic big change in the way “Being in the Ministry” and “attending a local church” and “fellowshipping with the saints’ was being packaged.

To be continued on the next installment.


in a couple of days or maybe even less.

To send comments, prayer requests, praises: organicleader@yahoo.com

PS UPCOMING on www.organicleader.org LEADER WEB TV: the audio spoken testimony along these “leadership covering/spiritual authority doctrines’ of interest LINES. Shortly, on or by Web, March 27.

Mighty Blessings!

In His service,

Dr. Taveau D’Arcy




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