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NOTE: due to the enigma, the doctrinal controversy which surrounds the use of the Bible vocabulary words: apostle, chief apostle and the office of the apostle, you need to really know how Dr. Taveau D’Arcy Pioneering Leadership Ministries means them. Please see Part 1 or 2 of LEADER DOCTRINES FOR A NEW DAY. Around Feb 8, 2013 Sincerely T. D’Arcy

GREAT GRACE WAS GRANTED: The Writer’s Own Pioneering Family

Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. Exodus 20:12


This writer readily  acknowledges that ever since she was a child, that she has never been a person who takes great pride or frankly, even truly cares about, family ancestry,  aristocratic pedigree, big titles or education, even her very own family genealogy, as she maintains that there is much more Life and Death matters to think about. (Wondering if that’s some of her father’s Scotch Irish, Hills of Georgia  blood coming out)

This foundational tendency of the writer toward being  REAL, even FRANK, and not making ungenuine false over all impressions (presenting one’s own self, life, pioneering ministry from behind smoke and mirrors, putting on false front plastic displays) might  have been passed down to her by her father’s kin, who were basic grass roots  deep south small town country pioneering unsung, servant leaders.

Very frankly ,whenever the writer’s much more aristocratic  raised mother’s mother’s own family would sit around discussing “The Family Tree”, it gave the writer the creeps, as it smacked of family ancestral pride superior class “respecter of family persons.” (Yet this was surely  not in any way how the mother’s side of the family meant it. They were just into that type of thing, which again, the writer isn’t.)

One must also appreciate the time when this was being discussed: It was way back in time, when  the writer, was attending and fully impassioned for the Eternal Things of the Lord.

During that time, the outwardly very timid but inwardly spiritually seeking, adventurous and  totally FREE future senior pioneer, personally and  strongly identified with the natural, down to earth,  Jesus People, who dressed /looked, somewhat like  hippies.

And whenever the writer’s own mother, aunt, relatives would get all impassioned about “the family anecestry” the writer would inwardly cringe, grit her teeth and  try to avoid internalizing anything that would bring with it perhaps an “superior elite” or  “exclusive”/ “big society” inferred type of thing. Instead the writer would smile, then pretend to  pay close attention, (in order to demonstrate honor for her dear mother)  but then would just let all the information pass through one ear and immediately out the other.

And the writer feels basically the same way today: as most of it appears to be  only about earthly fleeting, self centeredness.

But for the purposes of pioneering leadership discussion, the writer will now disclose some of her pioneering leader own family history.


And, after 30 plus senior pioneering apostolic years, the writer now has a valid reason to research some of her family tendencies, apostolic, gifted business entrepreneurial, abiding faith and trust in God enhanced, long loving family life styles.

Especially when measuring by the standards of today, the awestruck writer, looks backward  in deep humility as she fully understands  how blessed she and her sister were growing up. (And to honor both her loving, fine senior pastor /teacher parents, and her pastor aunt, pioneering family members, going back for many generations.)

Following this, the writer respectfully points to each reader understand HOW the preceding generation gifts, mindsets, inherited family DNA, culture, may be passed down to the next generations, be they MALE or FEMALE.


The writer  counts it a joy and a priceless blessing to have been born and reared into a happy loving two parent Godly home with  NO spirits of accusation, leader gossip, unforgiveness,  bigotry or prejudice (either racial, gender, denominational or socioeconomic.)


In supreme hindsight, the writer now looks back on her childhood, youth and realized that she had been raised in absolute Bible New Testament, submitted, yielded FREEDOM.

And as a feminine person,  both of the writer’s wise senior pastor parents, imparted to her and her younger sister, repeatedly role  modeled and actually laid hands on and BLESSED both of their baby girls, future real women by praying that “Taveau would grow up to be WHATEVER GOD wanted her to be, both in life and in her God calling.” (Basic quote from the writer’s mother)

Also in retrospect, although the adventurous writer, often felt over micro managed and majorly parentally confined (during her teen and college, young adult long years)  writer in hindsight realizes, from the viewpoint of Holy Spirit help with hindsight, how protected and sheltered she and her sister were.

And even being  overly controlled “micromanaged”(never by her pastor father, but by two domineering family females) served to teach the woman writer how NOT to behave with her own children or with any other kind of person.


NEW PARENT ASIDE: And it is  AFFORDABLE and will also leave your child with a permanent rich LEGACY, that is engraved way down deep inside YOUR child’s HEART AND SOUL HARD DRIVE (mind, will, emotions) 

Still, imagine raising up children in a healthy, NOT MATERIALLY RICH, but one that knew Godliness with contentment is great gain” and passing down a RICH organic Christ Following legacy which was one that left one’s children fully loving Christ, walking in the fear of the Lord, yet with joy and good humor, along with being EMOTIONALLY, SPIRITUALLY undamaged, including FREE of racism, big gender limiting apostolic legalism and DEVOID of what the Bible names as “the respecter of persons unloving religious spirit.”

READER QUESTION: Is this type of family inheritance, geneological abundant life heritage  is worth honoring and making mention of? We need to model this and teach it to the next family /ministry texting generation.

For surely whatever is stored in a child’s permanent Hard Drive will majorly shape their mindsets, their emotional reactions, their choices, even their ministry goals and over all leader vision.

MAIN LEADER TEACHING POINT: that all of these family traits may be passed on to EITHER GENDER and ALL RACES. Therefore along with Father who art in Heaven, applying /fully yielded to obey His every Word, then according to the Bible promise, “With God, NOTHING is impossible” (Luke 1:37)

 TEACHING VIEW POINT: the writer commends SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, “sweet smelling savor” (FREE Life Things, which are far more valuable than pedigrees, big titles, grand houses, fancy big position, or world famous lamp stands).

Thus there is nothing ELITEST about all of that, as this is also available for FREE for any true committed and yielded Bible fully obeying, Organic Christ follower believer, or lay.)

AND the personal life  of every single senior office holder, junior /rising senior ministry, is one that can come out to label, accusatively, suspiciously judge, even undermine, demean or slander IF they are emotionally CLUELESS and therefore truly “ignorant of satan’s devices.”


“…having been reminded of the unfeigned faith that is in thee; which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and, I am persuaded, in thee also. 2 Timothy 1:5

BY the writer describing her own family’s pioneering over all life tendencies, the way they viewed male and female modern roles in the home and in the family, as well as how they each got along so well, both respecting and  submitting to one another IN THE FEAR OF THE LORD  “Ephesians 5:21, (way long before the writer realized that is what they were both doing)

AND by the feminine writer describing how she and her sister were both raised to think for themself, to submit in Ephesians 5:21 form in marriage but also in the Church, Business  world and in very day real life, she is hoping to dissuade all who suspect, even accuse, ALL pioneering strong women, as “out to undermine , take the place of a man” and “a dominating women’s libber.”

And now, let any doubt filled  reader glimpse new wise insight and with it God’s freedom, to uncover a far educated, far less legalistic, or  even a far more mercy driven opinion.

And MAY it bless, strengthen and encourage all who have their eyes on houses, lands, and finances and displays of material wealth as the “Approved Sign of Being a Success.”

PLEASE NOTE: IF you are a reader who was raised really raw and really rotten, like amongst a band of wolves, then Almighty God has already adopted YOU the moment that YOU invited His Son, Jesus into YOUR heart.

Just ask HIM to be your Father and let HIM pass down HIS family legacy to you by finding out what the Bible says is YOURS through Faith in Christ!


After the internet was invented, the writer finally performed a Google search to discover the origin of her surname Taveau.  On the site,  Famille Taveau origins, she discovered that  that they originated in the France, Loire Valley. The writer proceeded to read that the word TAV means a type of “military epaulette.”

And a cousin researched the Augustus Simons family and showed the writer the Taveau Church (see above picture)

The writer briefly recalls her mother mother and senior pastor aunt describe their own insurance company/business owner pioneering leader, father, Augustus Taveau Simons, as descending down from the heritage  French Huguenots (who fled to the Charleston, SC region due to religious persecution.)

**Please note the picture of what is not a historical landmark, The Taveau Church.

And the writer was told growing up that she was named after a last name in the family, that is was French Huguenot and from Charleston, SC.

The writer’s mother used to imply that her parents descended from Birmingham, AL society. BUt that after she was called to the pioneering ministry, and married my ordained Southern Baptist senior pastor Dad, she gave it up (“she gave up making her society debut.”)

Of course, way back then, when the writer’s joyful matriarchal madre tried to fill her full of “family history” her enthusiastic disclosures instead  gave the hippie Jesus Person Flower Child cold shudders …as it was too elitist type sounding and it made her want to distance herself from all of that: which she DID….so that is why the writer only recalls tiny bits of she did not every want to get caught up into that all of that (deemed)  earthly temporal, even shallow leader type of thing.

All of the leader men and Godly women on  the writer’s mother’s side were married long and faithfully.  The writer’s mother would describe her own family helping to form the Jamestown Company, which brought over the new colonists in Virginia. (Edwin Sandys)

And on the writer’s mother’s side, and  perhaps also on her father’s side, each descended from many generations of sincere, committed servant elders, pastors, country doctors, school superintendents, school principals and apostolic entrepreneurs.(Reminder: around Dallas “postage stamp” Georgia)

MAIN LEADER POINT:  Reader, for any kind of God chosen person, growing up in a Bible believing, truly yielded, self less,  pioneering ministry /apostolic entrepreneurial pioneering business, would definitely  ministry ancestry would surely  would have a great deal of effect on how the person (male or female) would  regard, perceive all things, even respond in  both their  and spiritual pioneering Life.

My mother’s mother, Marie Sandys Simons, used to go get,then bring back to her nursery school and Bible came, area  poor children. She would teach them Bible stories, throw many fun parties and bring many to know the Lord.  This same grandmother, nicknamed Boo, was also a major intercessor, but not one who was the least bit over serious or too self important. She, and the writer’s entire family, were all the opposite.

The writer’s grandmother, Boo( Marie Simons) was one of her  first main examples of the concept” God cares about every little personal prayer.” BOO had innocent,great childlike applied faith and would model it in front of the writer, by asking the Lord to open up parking spots. WHICH the Lord did on what appeared to be a continual basis.

Near the end of her life, the writer remembers how many many people wrote to Boo  for prayer and even when she was in her mid 80’s that her youthful joy and enthusiasm would remind the writer of the Bible verse which says, “you will be full of sap and very green.”**

** thus the writer’s grandmother evidently was an ORGANIC Christ Follower, before that term came about. (HA HA)
The writer recalls the many relatives who believed in being personally guided and directed by the Holy Spirit and His BIble, even while none of them ever spoke in tongues. So this proves that True Organic Committed Spirit Directed True Christians are in every denomination, or lack there of.

In the writer’s own case, her devoted family tree contained primarily (mother side) Presbyterian, (both father’s and mother side: many Methodists and Southern Baptists. Yet they never ever tooted their own religious horn, instead they modeled Jesus in Acts 10:38,’ Who went about doing good.” AKA nameless, faceless, apostolic (sent messenger, Holy Spirit commissioned work birther) supremely servant minister style.




“DADDY” Rev. M. Kimball Johnson

Abandoned  this Life for Heaven in 1979

The writer’s senior pastor,  special father was raised in the postage stamp sized DALLAS, GEORGIA, which his darling dear beloved daughter now lives to  honor his pioneering ministry in the vast DALLAS TEXAS giant DFW Metroplex. Surely, what we all say, do in secret CAN be “shouted from the house tops!”

Senior Pastor Kimball,  stood 6 feet 4, was genuine, truly humble, not self important, never regarded anyone as a “time waster.” He also respected very person truly and equally, and was one without a bias, bigoted, prejudiced “religious respecter of persons bone” any where in his entire body.

He truly loved and respected his dear loving wife and laughed , family recreated, and never once murmured or told tales about any other person or lay congregation member or minister. He had a keen sense of humor and enjoyed being the loving, hand on Dear Daddy to both of his girls.

In all of the writer’s early childhood, teenage, which in the gift of hindsight, were filled with pleasant, happy memories, never ONCE did the  writer ever hear Pastor Kimball leader accuse, show disrespect or apostolically demean anyone. He truly respected leader women, persons of all races, different points of view, denominations, economic status and was not put off by outward appearances.

The writer’s own pastor father’s and mother’s organic leadership, personal and ministry lamp stand were so enduringly joyfilled and Christlike that it deeply troubled her when she began to notice the complete leader opposite in a grown number of high called but un genuine, even some light less Lamp Stands.
AND upon repeatedly discovering rampant regional pioneering senior leader male chauvinism, around the deep southwest, (which the writer had never up to that time personally experienced in such a rampant, deeply entrenched biased over all deeply oppressive leader fashion) the Lord reminded her of how both her FREE PASTOR PARENTS raised her…in Christ like FREEDOM..similar to the Apostle Paul; “When you put on Christ there is no male or female, Greek or Jew, bond or free.


ALL of the aforementioned, above started  to provoke the writer to Bible research on chief apostles, organic true New Testament leader Christ following and also on the modern day leader doctrines, primarily affecting grass roots, local, where one is still able to walk up to one without being avoided, immediately deflected by a staff of handlers, keepers who isolate the head leader, from what apostolic among the grass roots nitty gritty REALITY.

THUS  after many years of study and now in hindsight, the writer was somehow graced to be raised in what strongly resembles a sheltered in a naive spiritual organic green  house, where she fully believing that ALL true mature Christ Followers, senior pastors, leaders,  were equally as Godly content, always completely open and upfront, happy, did not take themselves or their position too super seriously, could also recreated, even enjoy a laugh, plus were EACH presumably to be NON bigoted, NOT racially, gender biased, NOT have hidden ministry deep secret agendas OR be self centered, self protective, NOT deceptive, NOT accusative, and NOT competitive.

Each and every one she can remember from her parents, grandparents, meaning both sets,  worked and tithed and gave alms to help the very poor. However, they all did possess one personal form of unending true Wealth:  The Vast Abundant Wealth was and still is RICH SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL and CULTURAL never ending VERDURE. ( Google search that).

FOR each one of them, the writer gives a million THANKS to  the Heavenly Father God . 

Once again, the writer regards simply an act of God’s great granted unmerited deep grace.

NOTHING the writer has described was humanly achieved, deserved or attained by methods of hard work or earthly material, human methods.


The writer and her sister grew up feeling like they were appreciated, respected and regarded as “special.”

In addition, the sibling pair grew up around  pioneering parents, grand parents, cousins, who were winsome, practical, very human, far from perfect, yet who were greatly in helping those less fortunate better themselves, and they always were seeking the lost to try to share the Gospel.

While many of them were well educated, there was never any discussion of that, as each member of the writer’s family did not regard a earthly sheep skin nearly as even close to the extreme Eternal over all importance of having both their names found in the Lamb’s Book of Life, but also took it upon themselves to bear witness to give many others a chance to have their names written there.

This writer doesn’t  recall any of them using their business, or senior ministry position as a main source of their esteem or of their personal happiness.

The over all life style /leadership/lamp stand strong impressions were that NONE of these persons were well known or earthly famous, YET they were treated others with real leader respect. In addition, besides having a funny sense of humor, over all the Simons, Johnson  family  was basically genuine,  relatable, very congenial,  and totally , unconditionally  accepting.


And while they appeared outwardly traditional, inside the mighty women, who were all very capable, faithful, submitted to their executive, pastor only husbands, then had their own pioneering ministry. (not in official professional terms but a valid Bible teaching, servant pioneering ministry)

The writer’s grand mother (mother’s mother )managed her house, had a ministry to the area poor children, and her mother ‘s sister and her husband, pioneered a church and fed the area poor. The writer’s father’s mother taught school,continually served and the writer’s   mother ministered as a  pastor’s wife and a school teacher.(but never could  learn how to cook)

BUT all of this would have been nominal had nearly the entire family had a holy fear of the Lord.

Therefore the writer was imparted to by their LIFE STYLE HERO ROLE MODELING. In affect, the writer as particularly Home Schooled  by each one of them to automatically RESPECT every different kind of persons, from the persons of the head of the leaders (meaning, home, head  of home, each church, state, civil, school, strangers, and ALL persons of low estate, or high…as they respected and valued each person  in the holy fear of the Lord and based on  what the Bible taught, “with God there is no respecter of persons.” (Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11).

And  though the pioneering senior males were all lovingly respected by their faithful, committed yet spirited, lively wives, there was a genuine sincere discernment and perception of Bible Ephesians 5:21-21 loving submitted respect.

The writer cannot recall any memories of one parent or another being a “big controlling I” either Husband or Wife, and both of us darling daughters were brought up (realizing this in hindsight) In a father-mother, husband -wife, model of Ephesians 5:21 “mutual respect, mutual submission IN THE HOLY FEAR OF THE LORD.”
Translated FOR GENDER ROLES main teaching purposes: this means, “both persons in the married couple were viewed as valuable, totally equal and each shared their opinion.

There were no big gender iron clad “thou shalt NOT” and both equally took care of the children, did the house work, and were happy, emotionally wealthy, sincere loving LIFE PARTNERS.

The underlying ”rules” were “man is Bible head of the hallowed home, the wife is his equal thoughtful help meet, They both can voice their opinions but if there is a unresolved dispute, the husband, in Bible chain of command, is the Designated Tie Breaker.

During that entire period of time, the writer  was not aware at that point in time, that so very many good people, including 5 fold office leaders, grew up in anything less loving, caring and emotionally Soul Prospering.

AND it is on the behalf of the surely MANY OTHERS who were similarly reared in loving atmosphere with REAL RESPECT and UNCONDITIONAL  REAL LOVE that the writer states this very up front and plainly: as it appears at in many modern grass roots senior office Lampstands, there is NO Organic Emotionally Health and Wealth from which to draw when relating , even behaving in a organic Christian sense with the vary many different TYPES of “various others.”

POINT: Not all persons need or can stand, over controlling, rigid, demeaning, overly demanding authoritarian, accusing, legalistic, overly into person hierarchy, “false Spiritual Authority Leader Hoop Jumping” demeaning leader accuser doctrines.


And being reared TRULY RESPECTED and having “TOTAL RESPECT FOR ALL KINDS OF OTHERS” modeled continually, it was nothing to just learn to note leader /marriage, other Bible boundaries, when entering into a local church, local friend’s house, local business, or ministry.

The writer concludes that “APOSTOLIC RESPECT” must be OBSERVED, PERCEIVED and LEADER, FOLLOWER DISCERNED if it is ever going to be  modeled with all leader/family/legal/ boundaries accurately discerned, fully respected.
Once again, however , for the gifted reader who perhaps was raised really  RAW ( not YOUR mistake or fault)due to the absence of natural/human, gender, parental, safe , secure , righteous, sensible hero /imparting, true role models, then it will be up to to pray, be on the look for, the RIGHT GOD SENT divine leader appointments, training courses, to get healing, mentoring, etc in an ongoing new leader Over Haul (make under or make over) Overall Big Process.

YOU might find missing “links” in pure hearted Christ following, Christian wise parenting, apostolic pioneering ministry and being a real Godly Man or real Godly Female .

So pray and seek the LORD about Where, Who, When and really How. And become ever closer to your real heavenly imparting, instructing, preventing, guiding, Holy Spirit mentoring and accepting wise Father, by repeated Bible study and much time praying.

Well, this is the end for right now.

Join us shortly for the next part  a humblySubmitted, Yielded open SELAH;




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Might Holy Spirit, pioneering leader ongoing blessings.

Taveau D’Arcy
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