Why Studying First Chief Apostles’ Doctrine Is Important


MARCH 5 2013

(C) 2013  Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved under international law.

AM Blessings!

FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: We will resume the PART 8 Chief Apostles of the First Church Bible study in the next 1-3 blogs. Please continue to check on. THIS one is to share the writer’s reasons for her strong interest in such

NOTE:  I am also posting on OCFC TV Channel archives, what I consider 2 major leader important apostolic present day (live  saving) words. www.ocfcleader.tv  1. Do YOU Believe in Luke 1:17 AND  2. Chief Apostles, Spiritual Authority/Covering Doctrines & Legalism** PS The second one was filmed, but then disappeared. Dr T will redo and then post. 



“The wisdom the comes from above is first of all pure, peaceable, easily entreated, without partiality, full of mercy and good fruits,without hypocrisy.” James 3:10

“Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. IF he hears you, then you have gained your brother. BUT if he refuses to hear, take with you one o 2 more, that “by the mouth of  2-3 witnesses every word may be established.” AND if he refuse to hear them, tell it to the church.” Matthew 18:15-17

“The anointing flows from the head.” Psalm 133

“What  Mighty Eagle Mega TV Ministries teach from their national , elevated pulpits, then trickles down into the grass roots pioneering ministry, and may be tainted with human flesh, emotional/spiritual deep immaturity, doctrinal mixture and local winds of popular, traditional spiritual authority, leader doctrines.” Taveau D’Arcy

“Let not your good be evil spoken of.” Romans 14:16 


“Know my doctrine, know my life style”                                                    2 Timothy 3 Apostle Paul

To gain insight and to gauge where the writer’s point of view originates, one must understand how her upbringing affects her present views of chief apostles, mighty Lamp Stands, and the roles of Godly leader men and leader women in senior ministry.

1. The writer was raised by two God fearing,  very happy, nontraditional, pure hearted, family/team oriented Organic Christians, who were senior pastors in the Southern Baptist pioneering ministry.

2. Both of her parents were not religious,but always upbeat, happy and outgoing, as well as  noncompetitive.

The two were also deeply sincere servant leaders/emotionally/spiritually mature true Christians, (stemming down from servant leader true Christ followers on both sides of their families) the writer was raised never hearing gossip, tale bearing, ministry leader rivalry.

Admittedly, her parents never airing dirty laundry or complaining about pioneering church folks, other ministers, evidently left her very inexperienced, naive and sheltered about what pioneering senior ministry REALLY entails. However, that was way back then: and the apostolic senior writer is definitely NOT that way now!

3. The writer’s deep South raised pastor/school teacher parents, were not one bit racist. She and her  younger sister were raised to trust and really respect ALL kinds of persons, in the Holy fear of the Lord.

4. The writer was raised to respect, even to be afraid of being  disrespectful to ALL types of real authority:  Bible, church, civil, moral, government.

NOTE: This, quite frankly .is  one reason why it has taken this writer so  long to finally get free of her ingrained life long big FEAR of displeasing anyone or in Church “making waves.”

Yet, the writer has counted the cost of perhaps many millions never making it to bonds of Eternal Safety as invaluable, when contrasted with pleasing a few earthly humans pleased and placated.

However, due to deep trials and many tribulations, God has finally loosed her from her own used to be legalistic pioneering mindsets “fear of being non submissive (thus incurring her missing out on brownie points (supposedly) from the Lord) which was absolutely rooted in “man pleasing/fear of humans.”

She also had to repeatedly, deep in depth research modern Bible doctrines, the roles of men and women in ministry/home and then take a frank long hard look into her own personal  ministry, real life to find out where SHE was perhaps not yielding (very unintentionally) to what God’s Word truly said.

5. Neither of the  feminine senior pioneer’s parents were sticklers for traditional gender iron clad Men and Women legalism. Each did what they were simply good at.

While her leader father was the “head of the home” the writer and her younger sister were both raised up “to do and to become anything that the Lord wants /tells you to be, in real life or in God.”

And with all of that invested paternal, maternal wise FREEDOM..the submitted writer never had any need to seek LIBERATION(neither man’s nor females) as she was raised accepted and totally FREE.

ASIDE: It was only after entering into primarily spirit filled senior pioneering ministry that she encountered so very many who were NOT reared in such a wealth of  blessed parental humor, organic True Christ Centered “fear of the Lord” Life Modeling, genuine  love, affirming acceptance, and sincere, pure hearted true respect.

6. Submission in Family: While the writer’s father wore the proverbial pants in the family, it was never in a dominating, controlling, mean fashion. It was the opposite.

And her father was not afraid of his lively, very  intelligent, highly capable,  lovely ,ever faithful leader wife. Thus he was neither afraid of either of his capable dutiful dear daughters.

He and the writer’s mother both modeled marriage submission in what is best described as the  Ephesians 5:21 Manner, which is “mutual respect, mutual submission, IN THE FEAR OF THE LORD,  with the head of the home being the tie breaker.”

“Submit yourselves to one another in the fear of the Lord.” Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:21                   

Thus, as the writer, who also just happened to be clothed in a female Earth Suit, grew and flourished, she simply accepted that the life style for ALL ministry, leader, lifestyle, all office, all others, all husbands, all family, all kinds of RELATIONSHIPS was equally ALL ABOUT practicing Ephesians 5:21(Mutual Respect, Mutual Submission, IN THE FEAR OF THE LORD, with the head of whomever is leader over any church, office, business, family, household as the official “yielded to Bible designated authority”  big decision Tie Breaker…..)

And so she still holds this belief until TODAY.



  • The albeit, female, leader writer, WAS raised WITHOUT deep gender /racial bias, bigotry;
  • WAS reared by both Christ following leader parents  to be whomever and whatever God called her to  be ( meaning in real LIFE and in the things of the LORD); (and this was during being raised a Southern Baptist female so very long ago!). Thus if the writer looks back, she then recognizes that while both parents belonged to a denomination, they placed more value on hearing the Lord and believing what they read in the Bible)
  • WAS raised to know how to laugh, even at one’s own expense, to accept and respect everyone, and to not take oneself over seriously.
  • WAS raised watching gifted parents who still could remove oneself from ministry work to simply enjoy life and taking off with one’s family;
  • WAS raised in an EMOTIONALLY WELL OFF but not FINANCIALLY WEALTHY happy family, who came from country doctors, small town school superintendents, apostolic insurance business pioneers and a boatload of Bible scholars.
  • Although both of the writer’s parents had worked on advanced degrees, neither one of them acted like they had seen it all or knew it all. Furthermore, each and every one modeled God’s Great Mercy and Grace: realizing that a sheep skin wouldn’t get you saved, and that any type of earned degree was by hard work and great grace but ought never be taken too seriously. So we were VERY WEALTHY..but in the emotional, happy, Organic Godly Contentment Bible sense.
  • WAS raised an earth suited SHE but  in a SPIRITUALLY SAFE natural home, far from big oppression by  mysogyny, male chauvinism  any gender senior pastor religious legalism;
  • WAS raised by the Lord to think “One Church without Walls (denominational divisions, but with born again, Bible believing community) (started with Jesus People Movement)
  • WAS raised without ANY memory of church hierarchy, legalism or dominating male chauvinism. (as that would have been far too ” respecter of persons”, which neither parent were)
  • NEVER saw  her father or her mother kneel and genuflect to human grandiose tradition or autocratic hierarchy. (And after years of repeated observation, she has never once witnessed protestant, evangelical apostolic grand aristocratic hierarchy, yet she has seen, over and over, in primarilysenior minister apostolic charismatics)
  • During her growing up formative years, as she observed both her servant leader parents in senior pioneering ministry authority, NOT EVER did she witness either a DOCTRINE of bowing down to a HUMAN, and thus it does not come easily for her to begin this just now.**

**HOWEVER, at  the name of Jesus, “every knee will bow” and she will be more than happy to do just that.

  • Was brought up by genuine folks who  perpetually role modeled, and fellowshipped among others, who truly modeled deep real respect for ALL kinds of

A) Senior leaders,

B) ALL kinds of persons/born again, not born again

C) ALL races, styles, colors of real live persons.

  • Was raised “with, around, and among” parents, extended mostly pure hearted family, in the “Holy Fear, Terror of the Living Lord.”
  • The writer never witnessed any personal and ministry control, domination and/or compromise.
  • And because of that, she never saw either of her parents self promote or bend  to some top senior leader to get promoted, to take in more money.

And by the way:  MONEY was not the root of their family,senior ministry happiness and Godly Contentedness.

  • The writer never ever saw either parent leader compromise, put pressure on themselves, self promote, in order to get ahead or to curry favor with some upper high Gimlet in senior ministry.

Thought: Maybe this was the real reason we were all so Godly contented and pure hearted happy!)

  • In all brutal honesty, the writer does acknowledge some over long lasting, very trying experiences with personalities who attempted to be in complete, unyielding, dominating control. And two pioneering females in my extended , but great, family. There was one on each side of the parent’s family.
  •  Thought: Perhaps being repeatedly micromanaged, dominated, did help the writer learn to know the real boundaries of obedience to governing authority, yet it perhaps served her even more in many different ways: by creating such a life long lasting deep impression, as a female, as a wife, a mother as now a senior pioneering apostle work planter leader: of  HOW NOT TO BE (i.e. a rigid rock hard legalistic controlling authoritarian, totalitarian);
  • And it also gave her ample time after time practice of running to the Lord for His help, staying power and anointing for Bible bold upfront firm confrontation when many Christ following others were trying to control and dominate her!


MAINLY DUE TO THE FACT that the writer was NOT raised by a chauvinism, or misogyny, by some elitest,  Me Centered Levitical Entitled Patriarch, but instead by an complete opposite:  by a one woman, simple but gifted, AUTHENTIC not well known, apostolic servant leader, indeed made it much easier for both of his dear daughters, to discern and perceive THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

PRIME EXAMPLE: if one has always been respected, their opinion valued, without regard to gender, age or experience, then whenever one encounters the complete OPPOSITE, it makes a RED FLAG BUZZER WARNING sound off in one’s internal DISCERNER.

APPLIED Meaning: that if a young female has never once experienced chauvisnism, oppression or gender prejudice, that whenever she eventually runs into it, she will automatically be able to zero right on in it to see where it is coming from. MALE GOVERNING SELAH.

AND if you have lived submitted under Organic Pure Bible True Non Dominating, Non Combattive, Non Legalistic Authority, Roles, then one will be able to tell when the fruit is twisted, abusive, prejudiced, and therefore damaging.

  • Eventually the “SHE” ventured forth into senior pioneering ministry , amongst the many various subgroups and sub ministry senior pioneering types, she did not find all of the genuine Christ following Organic Hallmarks which she had grown accustomed to as “spiritual fruit of organic leadership lampstand, real life ministry/private life style). (when she looked back at how each of her submitted, parents, but also their parents before them, each and every one modeled it).
  • When the female servant leader/writer did get married, it was to one whom she believed was to be her one and only life long mate. She entered into what she also assumed would be a Ephesians 5:21 and 21 healthy, ongoing, equally mature, equally Christ Following and always on fire, leader marriage.
  • For the 34 years, that her (believed was going to be) life long marriage lasted, the writer was granted the grace and blessing of her husband to go out and about in regional, pastoral, intercession, racial healing, repentance for revival, senior pioneering ministry, yet he was the provider, and had the big business mantle.
  • Together they both raised to (right now) wonderful, emotionally mature, appear to be very wise,fine children. During this extremely long marriage union, God showed the wife, that  Father God calls each person in each marriage couple to grow, to respond to His every call, to rise up to allow Him to help them settle any disagreements, and to summarily life preserve both each spouse as well as keep their Bible Covenant.
  • NOW  the writer now realizes that one married spouse cannot be held responsible for the decisions/actions or spiritual , real life choices of another, even the one she /he holds as their dearest, potentially called by God to be Life Long  Relationship.) Let the Bible speak, “If the unbeliever leaves, then you must let them leave.” I Corinthians 7:15


  •  Envision the writer as some type of Doctor Luke, who was on the scene as one of God’s Eye Witnesses.
  • From the time when the writer first accepted the Lord at age 9, in her father’s hot summer time country church revival, to when she recommitted fully to “follow Jesus as her only Lord and Savior” at age 16, then, shortly before going away to college, again rededicated her life to the Lord, to simply state, “Lord, I truly love You and  am also curious to see what will happen if I simply ask YOU to lead me every single day and I will only OBEY and yield to FOLLOWING: 24/7/365, year in and year out.
  • THEN picture her actually doing this. For the reader who does not comprehend about one being led daily, moment by moment by the gentle in ward witness of God’s Holy Spirit, then researchENOCH in Genesis 5:24 and the Holy Spirit (like a heavenly gyroscope) Wheel in the vision inEzekiel 1.

 The Writer’s Ministry Life Time Line:

  • Goes off to Southern Baptist College. Studies Religion. Not into it, as boring, but hangs around dutifully to get her BA.
  • Always into evangelism. Used to do the Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship 2 campus bulletin boards, wrote some in their newsletter
  • Junior Year in College: go off campus to first Prayer and Praise worship gather. Ask for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, gets the prayer language (known as speaking in tongues)
  • NOTHING really much happens with that gift, other than the writer notices that she now is able to perceived more deeply the things of the Lord .(no shaking, quaking, falling out, etc..but she has seen it in others many times)
  • Gets happily married,each married leader God called spouse is independently yielded to, deeply committed to following the Lord.
  • The writer is not now officially pursuing  ministry but indepently Bible studies, prayers, is spiritually very hungry and teaches elementary school. The legally wed married couple waits 5 years before having first born servant pioneering mature leader child. Second leader child comes 4.5 years later.
  • Starting 1976: while sitting in the Sunday service of a primarily charismatic Presbyterian Church, the writer perceives the witness of the Holy Spirit .
  • Holy Spirit instructs her to proceed to study all the many various Bible believing, truly born again ministry diverse subgroups:to know their vocabulary words, Bible teaching preferences, doctrines and music, etc.
  • Therefore the writer accepted the challenge and also, even during the most peculiar, even trying, exceedingly difficult, extreme busy times, decided to accept it as her “new normal.”
  • Then, proceeding from that afar off point in time, until this present second, even while  the writer has never, (for the most part)  been fully  told God’s many reasons WHY, she lately has had revealed to her, and it has primarily been to observe and doctrine Bible study repeated grass roots charismatic, various pentecostal, ministry lamp stand pioneering fruit.*
  • *One reason might have been that the writer had been steeped in Southern Baptist, many western european Evangelical forms of Christ following for the first 21 years of her life, coming down from past Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian Bible believing generations)
  • And it has all been truly a tremendously active, spiritual real life long adventure, including many exceedingly frightening, even health threatening, persecution, and name smearing but on the other hand deeply maturing, emboldening, fearlessly freeing, and entire life, mortal adventurous soul prospering, albeit long suffering experience.
  • In growing up in the things of the leadership ministry, one cannot help but recall periods of time when spiritual winds of doctrines, passing fads as well as life changing /Bible believing worship and ministry culture good remaining fruit changing leader doctrines appeared.

TUNE IN TOMORROW: Conclusion of this testimonial part. It will reveal WHY’S/ WHENS ONGOING REAL REASONS into doctrinal fruit ongoing research.
THEN following that, the writer will resume the PART 8 NEW LEADER DOCTRINES FOR A NEW DAY and much more..

Blessings and God Speed!




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