The Mind of Christ Part 2


February 2, 2013


(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

“For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.”

I Corinthians 2:16

In yesterdays, MIND OF CHRIST? Part 1, we discussed the fact that if nobody knows what is truly in God’s mind, only He can truly see what is going in inside each of our own minds and hearts. We discussed Daniel 2:28-30 “There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets” Principle. 

Following that we discussed reading Isaiah 1-12 to see what CONDITIONS in the nation of God, actually tied God’s hands and self blocked Him from being able to release His  Isaiah 10:27 powerful “yoke destroying anointing.”

Today we continue this thought, regarding taking personal mature leader responsibility, as the Lord reveals.


Today we discuss “how to truly know the mind of Christ.” To this writer, the best way is to first prepare each of our own minds and hearts thus avoiding blockages, major confusion or incorrect, unclear, inaccurate perception.

When we are super busy in apostolic pioneering, in 5 fold office lamp stands, prophetic apostolic business or even family, we need to inquire of the Lord about WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW to get to each of our final Big Leader Destinations.

The writer yields to the reader that she only can share a few helpful tips which have proved tried and true during the last 25 plus busy years.

And as we mentioned in the first article, MIND OF CHRIST? PART ONE, we have found self inspection, tough self Love, and being very open and candid before the Lord, extremely beneficial.

(FORESIGHT is WISE: Who really wants to stand All Alone before God on the Final Day to give account, only to be told that we did it all “OUR WAY” or perhaps that if we’d just been more emotionally honest by submitting our ENTIRE heart, plan to Him, how better off we might have been. WHO really wants that?)

God has been repeatedly reminding the writer of the need to go in privately before the Lord to let Him guard and protect us by revealing, then removing Blessing Blockages.

He also places Amos 3:7 repeatedly on my heart: “God does nothing without first telling His servants the prophets.”

In simple importance, “God apparently is ready to download, to reveal to His true prophets something very important for the new move of God. And the Lord implies repeatedly it has a lot to do with the economic needs of every pastor, five fold office, apostolic business and family leader.
So this extremely important Amos 3:7 Word implies that

1. The wise prophet is a servant leader: one who is truly submitted, yielded to God’s entire Holy Bible, not picking out just the “Blessing Fun” popular ministry oft taught verses.

2. This also implies that His apostolic, prophet Servants are humble, teachable and very open to change, new ideas, as they are not self made /self righteous, entrenched in spiritual concrete legalism.

3. Amos 3:7 implies that God is about to “do a something new” but adores each and every prophetic Lamp Stand and is eager to keep that intimate, heart to heart, Love Walk, continuing First Love Lamp Stand Lifestyle, to ensure each pure hearted Leader is a modern day 24/7/365 Enoch/ Son /Daughter of Issachar who “knows the (true) time and (true) season.”

This implies that none of us are completely caught up in modern day Busy Me Centered, good works over doing Lost First Love Always Busy Revelation 2 Church of Ephesus Lamp Stand or Personal Life.


1. We need, desire to grow, to thrive, to prosper, to get the Key Game Plan from the Lord YET we keep feeling frustrated, not truly making the big progress that we feel God and His Bible truly want for us.

2. The human secular oft repeated saying follows:”The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over, but never noting any new progress.”

3. Thus, if something IS broken,then it’s STOPS ticking.

1. Any resistance, hindrance, blockage stems from 1. the world, the human flesh, the spiritual side: either the devil or from GOD.

2. Yesterday’s MIND OF CHRIST PART 1 shared regarding reading the entire Isaiah chapters 1-12, to find out the context of the entire Word of the Lord which has Isaiah 10:27 in it, “God will send his yoke destroying supernatural power, etc)  However, when you read it all in the context of the leadership of the nation of Isreal in that day, God was willing, waiting to send his powerful national anointing, but His own proud people blocked Him from doing so!

3. Examining this logically, and wisely noting that history repeats itself, plus VERY MANY in pioneering leadership are at a stand still in senior leadership big progress, one may duly note that perhaps GOD is blocking, withstanding our work, to get OUR attention. Submitted this for Selah collective purposes.

4. When one regards the emphasis on apostolic “faith” ” blessings” and “making new levels of progress” yet without what the Bible refers to as “the holy awesome fear of the Lord” then submits, “Might God be withstanding some primarily due to that” (as the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” thus implying that WITH NO FEAR OF THE LORD, there is possible Lamp stand FOOLISHNESS?..not saying that this is Truth, but yielding this as a Principle for the reader to decide)

5. IF God truly desires to REVEAL new wisdom, deep insight, and (even daily) key leadership ideas, then when WE place OUR First Love Relationship with God, “who is the Revealer” (Dan 2:28) as Second, even Third or Forth, then WE will miss out and create what God would despise as  non genuine, aka, Presumptious Plastic/Candy  Lamp Stands.

6. No time apart to purely seek God in the Psalm 91 Secret Place (each of our own personal Gardens of Gethsemene) may leave us too rigid, too mentally tough, and becoming a hardened nonemotional legalistic Rock of Religion where there is NO MORE NEW fresh revelation, deep pioneering wisdom, transferred to us/imparted, directly from truly knowing, yielding directly to, the Mind of the Lord.


Let us follow this train of thought:

1. No one really wants to be shocked on the Final Day, when we as Lamp Stand leaders will have to stand ALL ALONE before the Lord, and hear HIS opinion of how we lived our private live but also if we yielded to HIM rather than our own SELVES, regarding what ought to be HIS Lamp stand high calling

2. All Logic would wisely advice, to now, to start to lay plans for that Final Day Scenario.

3. God’s Will is to reveal His Big Game Plan to any lampstand leader who takes time apart to seek His Face, rather than just His Hand.

4. God’s Will is to release a yoke destroying national anointing which will make the hearts of His people so FAT (thick with His powerful anointing) that it will make it impossible for our blessed church, work, life or NATION  to be taken over or destroyed by any oppressors.

Read to understand God ‘s Heart’s Desire:

IMPLYING that God’s Heart’s Desire to do is when related to Isaiah 10:27, in the Bible context of Isaiah Chapters 1-12 (* the state of the leaders, priests, etc heart condition toward the Lord God: as in “NO Mixture”)

It shall come to pass in that day
That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder,
And his yoke from your neck,
And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.


To fully perceive, discern the Mind of the Lord, one must

1. Yield to fully comply with the Whole Holy Word of God, rather only the Happy Parts

2. One must go to God on His terms, not on Our/ME Terms to truly be in the “fear of the Lord.”

3. We must take time apart from over busy ministry to set God back as First Love ongoing, non mixture, relationship, in order to fully perceive, know what is TRULY on His Mind.

4. God holds every single one of His Lamp Stands, personally and directly accountable, with the view of facing Him on the last Final Day.

5. It is supremely healthy and wise to take foresight with an Eternal Reward View in each leadership Mind.

Respectfully submitted in the awesome fear of the Lord, as Selah, and ” only if any shoe fits, then should you wear it”  form.

Dr. Taveau D’Arcy

OCFC Lamp stand Online Media: http://www.OCFCleader.TV (You need to click on Livestream link on the home page)



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